QB Henry Hasselback

The son of Matt Hasselback ran a 4.59. He’s a 24 kid.

Matt is here too. Loggains coached Matt in the NFL.


Matt was saying there’s no spring ball in Massachusetts. The HS his son plays for has no stadium lights so they have to play on Saturday.

For some reason, coaches aren’t allowed in the press box.

He said the school recently hired a coach from Tennessee and the coach is struggling with the differences of football in the NE.

I used to hang with Matt and Henry when he was in class with my daughter at CPA, his mom is a better athlete than Matt and is a nutrition guru. She probably still holds BC track and cross country records. They Had a dog name Titan who could play football with the kids after class. If Henry had stayed at CPA, then they would be absolutely dominant but Trent has recruited (legal) to make Lipscomb the favorite and defending champ. The 2024 kids are phenomenal in Nashville (which I consider Henry to be).

Herbstreit’s kid left CPA and went to Saint X in Cinncy to get playing time, but he is a much later bloomer than Henry. Chase is a year behind but is growing into his genes, Henry has always been accomplished.

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