QB Grad Transfer questions....RD/DD?

  1. If we do get a QB Grad Transfer for the spring semester, when is the last day that they can enroll and be eligible for spring practice (school starts on Monday)?

  2. Who do you think are the likely QB Grad Transfers (enrolling for spring semester) that are considered realistic options?

  3. Who are the likely May QB Grad Transfers that are considered realistic options if we wait?


Just saw where J Hurts (as expected) has entered his name in the grad transfer portal.

I’d love to get Hurts. He is a good player and knows how to win. But, the competition to get him is going to be stiff.

  1. I think Jan. 19
  2. I don’t see one happening right now, but I guess Ben Hicks.
  3. Until somebody announces they are visiting, I don’t see anyone as a realistic option at this point.


I’m not saying there is not going to be one, just that there is not a favorite yet.

Might be something develop after they get back from the Coach’s Convention yet.

I know some are speculating Shane Buechele from Texas, but until I hear a valid reason to believe that, I’m not going to act like I know more than I do.