QB for next year

Early to be asking this question, but any QB’s in the pipeline for next season? Without playing time for any of the back-up QBs, not much SEC game experience. Understood that Franks is currently the best opportunity for needed wins so unlikely our back-ups get game experience this season.

Southlake TX QB & #1 prospect per 247 Sports, Quinn Ewers, has decommitted from ut. Have not read that Arkansas is pursuing Ewers or that UofA is on his short list of schools. We have two 3 star commits & hopefully someone who can be SEC caliber.

CSP & staff were fortunate to land Franks who has done a great job in leading the Hogs thru the rebuild. Without Franks, not sure how successful we would be this season. Have not heard whether any QBs on the current roster, recruits, or a potential transfer who can assume the QB role.

I think Ewers winds up at Bama or Ohio St.

Ewers is a 2022 recruit, so he wouldn’t be coming next year anyway. Hornsby and Jefferson will battle it out if Franks decides not to come back. I’ve heard that he’s now thinking about it, while before the season it was a one and done.

Somebody’s profile of Ewers I looked at had Arkansas on the bottom of about 30 schools that wanted him, and we were listed with zero interest on his end. That’s always subject to change, but I ain’t holding my breath.

Feleipe Franks can come back next year if he wants. And as ricepig noted, if he doesn’t it’s Hornsby and KJ.

KJ Jefferson, Malik Hornsby, Landon Rogers and Lucas Coley - who is an early enrollee and scheduled to enroll at Arkansas in January - are in line unless Franks returns, which he could if he wants to do so.

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If Franks comes back, will someone leave? Will they have the patience to sit another year?

Good point. I would imagine if the coaches thought we had something better on the bench for next year, they would tell Franks. As much as I absolutely love the grit he’s showing—and he’s getting more comfortable each game, don’t we somewhat want Franks to leave because we have confidence in what’s on the bench now?

Or am I just overthinking this?

If Franks wants to come back, I would say heck yes.


I agree with RIchard…heck yes, we want him back. If he gets beat out, then we know we have a really good quarterback and a heckuva backup in Franks.

Sixth year senior with three-plus years of SEC starting experience? That’s not a tough call.

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I agree but there seems to be a crowd that isn’t impressed with him.

Generally speaking, there is a vocal minority who always think the best QB is the one on the bench.

If someone on the bench is better, they would be playing. Franks is pretty good.

Yup. Although it may not be in favor of KJ now, just an anyone-but-Franks sentiment,

Was the same for him at Florida for whatever reason. He’s not perfect, but he’s light years ahead of anything we’ve had since BA. I’m excited to see what Malik can do, but if Franks wants to return that’s a no brainer yes please.

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I think Frank’s unless he makes a lot of improvements in 2nd of season, which he could should come back. He is a much better QB than we have had in last few years and he played well against A&M , but he is not ready for NFL at this time.

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Franks proved during the aTm game that he can scramble & run. He hits his target on most of his passes. Only complaint is that he often hangs onto the ball too long when the pocket collapses.

Another season with continued improvement & development as he has shown this year & with better line protection should enable him to attract the NFL. He is 6’6" & high 4 star rating so on paper a great NFL prospect.

I’ve been thinking about what would happen if Franks comes back. One of them will probably transfer. The way it goes these days.

Couldn’t ask for more out of a transfer QB who didn’t have any spring ball with the offensive unit and WR’s. Lot of the reads and timing were learned on the fly during fall camp and start of the season. Holding the ball to long in the pocket is somewhat in the past now that he and the WR’s are getting in sync.
Plus everything else he has had to do getting the offense set and assignments adjusted at the LOS.


I didn’t mention the NFL.

It’s does he want go through another year of classes and practice to play another season

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