QB Disparity Huge Problem....

A big problem for this team that I just don’t see a way of getting around is the disparity between our two QBs and our upcoming opponents. I think the last time we were this “ out gunned” was perhaps the 2005 team QB’d by Robert Johnson before he was ultimately replaced by Casey Dick late in the season.

Mason Fine
Jarrett Stidham
Kellen Mond
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Jordan Tamu
Kyle Shurmur
Nick Fitzgerald
Drew Locke

Of our remaining ten games we are at a huge disparity with respect to QB play. Given our defense will not be confused with a top tier SEC defense anytime soon points and lots of them will be required if we hope to be competitive in these games much less win any of them.

Hence my revised prediction of 2-10 or 3-9

Hope to be proven wrong, but feel like we are bringing a knife to a bazooka fight.

I think our best chance at a win is Tulsa and that is not a given.

Football is indeed a game of inches. Like one of the coaches said, we were just one stop or one score away from winning. Make that one play and we might be annoyed, but we wouldn’t be having the meltdown tantrum that seems to be occurring. I think our best chance of winning right now shouldn’t be viewed a month away. It should be viewed as this Saturday, so that’s my focus. We can talk odds, weaknesses, strengths, whatever, but the fact is that we have to play better football than the other team for 60 minutes. Regarding QB disparity, we have a problem that can be fixed. Whether it will be fixed is still to be seen. There are 21 other players who have to do their jobs too. While the offense failed to convert in the 4th quarter, the defense gave up those 25 straight points, not the offense.

This loss doesn’t fall on the offense. 27 points should have been enough. 30 definitely should have been enough but that FG didn’t work. Turns out, neither one was enough.

The comparative QB play is a concern but it is the defense that has to adjust to a hot WR. UNT doesn’t have a 6-5 freak at WR so we may be ok this week. We can’t leave a CB on a hot WR with no safety help against a team that isn’t a run threat. Our QB problem should play out like Storey starts, Kelley plays some, then Hyatt. We may need to look at Hayden, Warren or Hammonds at Wildcat. We will have to do some unorthodox stuff to compete while still installing the RPO system. We don’t have the QB talent for the system so I would use the Wildcat a lot since we are already rotating QBs.

Wildcat is predictable. We don’t have a McFadden. Need crisper technique in RPO and QB runs on occasion. Craddock said #3 QB is Noland.

Noland may get some playing time this week or against Tulsa.

Defense wins games. We can’t seem to find one.

No more predictable than our current QBs with this Oline in turmoil. I understand that the Wildcat is predictable but we need some change up for a few series until Noland is ready to play more. The wildcat is not much different than the RPO so it should not mess up the learning curve. I thought it was interesting that Noland has jumped Hyatt. Hyatt was pushed in the media by CCM to step up and didn’t. I guess they got tired of the fact that Hyatt was more mature after a RS but had not picked up the offense since January and had not hit the weightroom hard in CBB time and since.

why take away the time practicing the system already in place in order to install the wildcat. Just no!

Hey I’m probably crazy about this but I’m just looking for something to give us a chance for a few games until Noland is comfortable. We have a ton of RBs plus Warren but not a real QB yet. I don’t think the Wildcat is much different than the RPO so it won’t be hard to run 4-5 plays inside of a few series a game. Warren was a QB in HS completing 57 of 128 passes against just one interception for 1,022 yards so it is possible.

So now all of a sudden Noland is going to go from being number 3 and not able to beat out TS nor CK, to becoming the savior of the season?

I’d love to see CM’s face if a reporter asked him why he doesn’t start a 3rd or 4th team QB and install a new offense. You guys are certainly entertaining…

I think you are reaching as bad on the savior comment as I am reaching on the Wildcat. I’m throwing ideas that’s all. Other teams run wildcat as an additional package to run a few plays inside of a few series a game. I have stated numerous times Ty should start and then let the Noland, Hyatt or Jones rotate. The trio should not be starting as it is overwhelming for your first few starts. Ty needs to start the AU, A&M and Bama games for sure. We need to commit to developing the Trio of freshmen because the Oline needs a mobile QB in the RPO and in the pocket.

While I agree with the disparity in the talent at QB with many of our SEC games, there will be several position groups that will also have large talent gaps. Certainly the QB is the most important, but it’s going to be a long couple of years getting our talent level upgraded through recruiting. Very long…

If 27 points cant win you a football game you have more problems than Qb disparity, I’ll be happy when we have a #1 Qb but’s thats not what lost the game out in the mountains. Times are tough for Hog fans but better days are ahead just don’t know how far ahead, CCM will solve the problem or it will be next HC up, but we have to give CCM time and our support. WPS

Anytime the offense quits moving in the fourth quarter, it’s an offensive problem.

I think it’s time we realized that it is a team problem. Period. There’s plenty of blame to go around–offense, defense, special teams, coaches, maybe even the team doctor.

defense gives up 25 points in the last 17 minutes of the game and it is an offensive problem. logical…

It was 18 unanswered points. Our defense looked quite good for almost 3 qtrs, but we only got 8 plays in the 4th qtr which meant the defense was on the field WAY too much. The altitude must have been wearing on us so we switched to zone coverage on Def. All the offense had to do was score one time in the 4th quarter and we would win.