QB depth chart based on who is here now

So, I guess we have three on board who have a little bit of playing time. Do you all think KJ will get the nod if we don’t find someone from the transfer portal?

I would be shocked if KJ isn’t the starter, assuming he’s healthy.

I think KJ will be the best QB we’ve had in a long time.

I am not worried about KJ starting. He will make plays and he will make mistakes. I’m worried about him getting hurt. We have two fine young men with good football IQ’s and leadership skills, but limited skill sets behind him. After those guys we have WR’s in the wildcat.

a requirement for the new to be OC should be to give a plan on how to use #16, including wildcat. Burks is better than Bowden but not sure he is up to Cobb since KY has a history of big success doing the WR acting as a QB. Add TJ Hammonds to a potential dangerous wildcat option, but Burks can throw and would not be intimidated to do so as was Bowden. I assume all OC candidates have to know what is on campus and what talents they have.