QB Convo

QB conversation seems to be very quiet from all insiders right now. Fans are obviously hoping that between Hicks and Starkel …one of those guys would take the reigns and be the play maker we have been looking for awhile now. I have heard whispers that they are both an improvement from last year but not showing game changer abilities. Who knows if that is true or not and of course they need time to adjust. From past years though…when we have something special, everyone is talking early. Anyone hearing anything?

The players have been raving about Starkel and his arm strength.

There’s a good amount that have also talked up Hicks but I would say the buzz is greater for Starkel right now.

I think it was clear in the spring that Hicks was being groomed to be a starter. Starkel would have to show a lot in August to beat him out by opening day, in my opinion, but like last year, I don’t think the QB competition is going to end at the conclusion of the preseason.

I agree Matt I see no way Starkel starts game 1 just doesn’t know the offense near as well as Hicks so IMO it will Hicks job until he starts playing poorly enough for us to go to Starkel.

I’ve got Hicks to start and Starkel to finish the year

Starting when, lol?

Let’s just hope one or both are still able to start by seasons end.
I want to here raves about some Olinemen making noise and vast improvements.

Per the head coach, it does not take arm strength to run this offense. It’s timing and reads. That bodes well for Hicks.

I just hope that KJ Jefferson gets some meanimgful snaps im 4 games this year.

Seeing as how they did that with the two freshmen last season, one would think it will happen with KJ this season.

I hope the O-line does not determine the QB starter through injuries…

And young Morris as well! Hopefully (mimicing the concerns of others on this thread and elsewhere) it will be in “mop up” duty towards the ends of each game due to our big leads and not because of offensive line play allowing injuries to the starters.

Ummm, Morris will get NO reps this year. He will be a senior in high school this year.