QB controversy?

One bad throw, but other than that he looked good. Damn good.

If not, there ought to be.
Allen just looks beat.

I imagine Kelly will get plenty of time against several of the teams left on our schedule.

AA is rattled and psyched out right now. He is not very serviceable right now IMO

was it a bad throw or did WR break out rather than IN

Can’t compare them

I’m sure Cole was going against reserves and the game was in hand
Not really facing same defense AA did

Obviously had more time to throw against the reserve defense.

And no way you throw him to wolves in Tuscaloosa.

But any way you can I would try to groom him for next year.

I fear this year is a lost cause, as far as making a bowl game. Had to have this one today.

AA is just getting constantly beat up. CK was playing against the reserves. Play CK as much as you can from here out. This team is not very good right now. No use in getting AA injured more than he is getting now. Poor offense. Defense did ok. 21 point swing by S.C. defense was the difference today.

Easy to compare them.
Pocket presence, accuracy, confidence, poise, running ability, just flat out playmaking…shall I go on?

Allen loooks like a high schooler out there right now, not a fifth year senior.
Playing scared/rattled, doing very little right.
Not real sure he wasn’t going against reserves his last possession or two.
They were already way up.

I realize the backup qb is always the most popular player on a losing team.
But it may be time to give him meaningful snaps.

I’m not opposed to playing Kelley more, but I will say I don’t think they were running twists and stunting as much, especially on that last drive. I’d have to go back and look at it, but all of a sudden the line started giving him a cleaner pocket. But he definitely needs to be groomed for the future.

I just feel sorry for any of our QB’s for what they will be facing in the next 2 weeks. After next week, it may be whoever is in shape enough to play. The view of Austin’s uniform at the start of the 4th quarter today told the story. He had a very discouraged look on his face to match. One thing about CK, he looked big, strong, and eager. He does seem like a Leader! :slight_smile:

Not a controversy but AA drives me nuts with holding onto the ball to long and staring down receivers. He is a 5th year senior and if he hasn’t learned it by now he never will. I know we don’t have a good OL but I think Allen sometimes adds to the problem by his indecisions

Right. Do not throw Kelly into the Tuscalooser game. Don’t suicide AA either in that game.

To plan for the future, either forfeit the Bama game, or play our 3rd string QB the entire game, regardless of the score. Then play Kelly for the Auburn loss so we can have a decent chance against OM and the rest of the schedule. AA would make an excellent 2nd stringer, holding that note board.

What’s his name? Our 3rd stringer? I forget.

Which defense was out there? How many blitzes did he face? Big difference. But yes he looked good.

At the rate AA Is getting killed, not sure he will make it all year. I blame the coach for not giving him good OL players. I remember Wilson getting killed when Smith was coach. I hate seeing any of these kids get hurt because of bad decisions by coaches. CK will be smacked around too until the coaches get players to help. I know people like to bash AA because he is a senior but he can’t win them by himself. This is the SEC, not the Big 10.

I wouldn’t play either one against Bama. In fact I wouldn’t use any QB on the roster. This is a perfect time to play an Offensive Tackle under center. Let them all take turns. Spread the love around a little. They’ve earned it.


It appears that frustration has gotten to Allen. He looks shell-shocked and doesn’t have the athletic ability to compensate for the line in front of him. He’s small but slow. Allen is probably the better QB right now and could look fantastic with a top notch O-line due to his accuracy when he has time. However, right now is becoming less important every week.

I wouldn’t be shocked To see Kelly play QB against Bama. They’ll exaggerate AA’s “injury” to keep him out. He might get killed if he were to play

Kelly will see significant time at Bama because Allen will be knocked into next week by half. That or the score will be 49 to nothing and even CBB will put him in.