QB controversy Part Deux?

I think this is what the coaches thought they would see from Hicks and the reason he won the job.

It was night and day the difference in the balls he threw today and the first game and a half. He was poised, confident, and had more velocity than I had seen at any time previous.

I would assume Starkel to be out at least for a while, so probably no decision to make.

But this was very intriguing and unexpected to see.

I just cant trust Starkel not to turn the ball over in the endzone.

Depends if either QB can be consistent. And how serious Starkel’s injury is.

Hicks is the more dependable option and gives us a better chance to win. I didn’t think so until today, but Chad was right about the quarterback. I think you, unfortunately have to go back to Hicks. This ought to be interesting this week, once again. Chad is going to have to pull out the Maalox this week. The poor guy just can’t seem to get a break.

Hicks struggles to score TDs. Simple as that.

Scored more than Starkel today. Also, no turnovers

I don’t think it’s a controversy. I think the line did a lot better today than they have all season. All I read or heard was how A&M’s Dline was going to kill us, but our Oline did better than I would have thought.

Morris said after the game that Starkel is still the starter.

We didn’t run the ball as well in the 2nd half and I think that had to do with the lack of a deep threat. I’m no coach but that’s what it appeared to me.

I would stick with Starkel.

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When Hicks in game after we took the lead their safeties crept up. They didn’t fear the deep ball w Hicks. That being said kid came in and played well. Just something about his demeanor that just rubs me wrong. I like starkel. Give him better plays in the red zone

Can we take Starkel and Hicks and stick them in that teleportation pod from “THE FLY” and try to combine them.

Starkel has the cannon arm that prevents the safeties from trying to sneak up. He has the power and zip to get it there in a hurry, but he seems to panic a bit in pocket, tries to force things that aren’t there, and seems to lack touch for the short game.

Hicks has the patience, calm, and touch. He doesn’t seem to get rattled, stays focused and calm, and has nice accuracy and short game touch, but he consistently underthrows anything over 20 yards and holds the ball a bit too long.

Combine their positives and they’d be perfect.

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