QB commitment Daulton Hyatt

Unofficially, he was was 8-11-105 passing, 1 TD and 7-72 rushing in a 35-10 victory. His offensive coordinator said the team ran 85% of the time tonight and Daulton did an excellent job of putting them in the right plays.

Richard, Does Daulton play this year under center at QB? Appears to be a premium for a college QB’s ability to adapt quickly to a pro-style system these days. Typically high school QBs don’t get as many offers sometimes if he doesn’t play in a high school “pitch and catch” spread, but I’m really glad hog coaches evaluated this one very carefully and ultimately offered him.

It would be a tough story to tackle, but perhaps that would be a good story, correlating performance in college to the style of high school offense coming from. Plenty of anecdotal evidence these days.

I know the OC said they were in the I-formation most of the time. Will check and see how much they’re expected to be in the I vs. spread.