QB change on scoring situations

This is the second week in a row we put in a different QB on a crucial scoring situation. I don’t understand it a bit. Last week it was KJ and this week it was Malik. Didn’t work either time. Bad decision making.

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It’s sure a fair question to ask Briles.

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Just dumb. Everyone knows these guys are in there to run.

Go back and look at the video. On the previous play, where Frank’s missed the dump-off pass to the left, it looked like he was shaken up when he landed on the ground. I’m thinking that’s why he came out.

actually, on t he 3rd down play, I think they planned to pass to Kearn, but he was the only receiver on that side of the field and easily covered.

But I agree with your point-taking out our best qb, in a crucial situation, is just not smart, imho.


Has to stop! CSP better make this clear from now on.

I don’t want to see Franks on the sideline in the red. zone. He needs to be on the field.

Last week and this week the plays would’ve worked had the QB handed off the ball. 2 young QBs making the wrong reads. There is some over thinking going on though. I don’t think Franks got hurt. Just too much trickery.

The decision to substitute was the coach’s descision. The decision for the QB to run himself was likely as well, otherwise you’d have to chalk it up to hero ball. A young player comes in, he wants to make a difference. He knows he won’t get many snaps, so he takes advantage of the opportunity. I can’t fault the thinking of the young player. I can fault the decision of the coach to do that at a critical point in a drive in a close game. A wild hog would have been a better option with a big guy like Auburn did on us early in the game.

I saw Franks flexing his right wrist repeatedly, trying to get it loose or something. He may have fallen on it wrong or something. But I think KB has fallen in love with that goal line package with the alternate QB.

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And that goal line package has now failed on FOUR straight plays. Get rid of it.

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Didn’t understand this at all.

Only real q I would have for Briles.

Well that, and the lack of aggressive play calling after the Auburn failed field goal - when we need one first down. Had kept D off balance until those couple straight running plays

He was tackled right before Hornsby came in, he grabbed his leg, got up slow, and they pulled him.

I’m not sure how much was trying to let Hornsby run the wildcat and how much was maybe he had a stinger.

Given the failure rate of the QB-goal line change, I’d like to think they’ll stop that. Malik is talented, but he is a freshman.

The worst thing about this, is the Defense knows exactly what’s coming when they see " the running QB " enter the game.

Which is why I think General is correct with either Hornsby or Jefferson doing a jump pass. They would catch them off guard

I thought they did the sub only because Franks was shaken up a bit. That it was not by design like at MSU. I only had two questions. Why was it for two plays, not one? I was worried that Franks was more than a little shaken up when I saw that. And more than that, why Hornsby and not Jefferson? Any answers?

This! They showed Franks on the sideline, looking totally gassed and bending over, holding his hand or wrist. However, the better choice would have been to call a time out and get Franks a breather, re-group and call a couple plays. (I’m assuming we had a TO left, I didn’t check).

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