QB breakdown - Texas A&M

Nick Starkel
At/Behind LOS: 7/8, 50 yards, INT
1-5 yard throws: 4/4, 31 yards
6-10 yard throws: 0/2, 0 yards
11-15 yard throws: 1/2, 27 yards
16+ yard throws: 0/1, 0 yards

Yards after catch: 101

Average yards per attempt: 3.5

Interceptable passes (passes not picked off but could have been): 0

Inaccurate passes: 1 (intercepted targeting Rakeem Boyd 2 yards behind LOS)

Throwaways: 0

Drops: 0

PBU/Tipped at line: 0

Ben Hicks
At/Behind LOS: 2/5, 3 yards
1-5 yard throws: 4/6, 20 yards
6-10 yard throws: 2/5, 38 yards
11-15 yard throws: 4/6, 47 yards, TD
16+ yard throws: 3/5, 69 yards

Yards after catch: 57

Average yards per attempt: 8

Interceptable passes: 3 (incomplete to Treylon Burks 21 yards downfield inside A&M 5, Burks broke up what would have been an INT; incomplete to Rakeem Boyd four yards behind LOS, pass was tipped and an A&M defender dove and got a hand on the ball before hitting the ground; incomplete to Cheyenne O’Grady 14 yards downfield on the final play, pass went through an A&M defender’s hands)

Inaccurate passes: 3 (incomplete to Burks at line of scrimmage, ball was behind Burks; incomplete to Mike Woods 8 yards downfield, throw was low; incomplete to Woods 20 yards downfield, appeared to be miscommunication on the play but the throw was not catchable)

Throwaways: 2 (both on the final drive of the game, one with Burks in the area and one with O’Grady in area)

Drops: 0

PBU/Tipped at line: 3 (incomplete to O’Grady one yard behind LOS; incomplete to O’Grady 11 yards downfield; incomplete to Boyd four yards behind LOS)


Nick Starkel

At/Behind LOS: 18/23, 78 yards, INT
1-5 yard throws: 22/28, 156 yards, TD
6-10 yard throws: 20/31, 209 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
11-15 yard throws: 10/20, 213 yards, 2 TD, INT
16+ yard throws: 11/29, 363 yards, 2 TD, 3 INT

Ben Hicks

At/Behind LOS: 9/15, 27 yards
1-5 yard throws: 11/17, 77 yards
6-10 yard throws: 3/9, 50 yards
11-15 yard throws: 5/9, 62 yards, TD
16+ yard throws: 8/18, 204 yards

I think it’s interesting last night, during the Pitt/Cincy game the announcers said the Steelers were trying to get their QB into a rhythm throwing those 1-5 yard passes. That seems to be where our QB’s are most accurate.

I know you just can’t throw those passes all game, but it might be worth a lot of slants.

After the game with Arkansas TAMU is averaging 109.24 in passing efficiency defense, that’s also after playing Clemson on the road and Auburn. They’re also 17th in the nation in that stat.

If my math’s right, the Hogs threw for a passing efficiency against TAMU of 121.02, which is not bad (nor great, but a whole lot better than against lowly Portland State).

And, Knox didn’t play. I believe we’re seeing that when both Burks and Knox play (and they’re healthy) the Hog offense seems to move.

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You can tell that both of them will be high draft picks. That’s the kind of player you need to win in the SEC. I think that O Grady and Boyd can play on Sunday too.