QB breakdown - Ole Miss

Like last week, I charted Arkansas’ quarterbacks’ throws against Ole Moss. Here are those results:

Ben Hicks
At/Behind LOS: 2/2, -5 yards

1-5 yard throws: 3/4, 24 yards

6-10 yard throws: 0/3

11-15 yard throws: 0/1

16+ yard throws: 2/5, 79 yards

Interceptable passes: 1 (completed pass to Trey Knox for 49 yards)

Inaccurate passes: 3 (completed pass to Devwah Whaley for nine yards, ball at his feet; incomplete to Trey Knox on 3rd down, too high; incomplete to Whaley down the middle of the field, too high)

Passes broken up: 1 (10-yard throw to Trey Knox on 3rd down)

Throwaways: 1

Drops: 1 (Mike Woods)

Nick Starkel
At/Behind LOS: 2/2, -18 yards

1-5 yard throws: 3/3, 22 yards

6-10 yard throws: 6/6, 62 yards, TD (Koilan Jackson)

11-15 yard throws: 3/6, 42 yards

16+ yard throws: 3/7, 96 yards

Interceptable passes: 1 (incomplete to Cheyenne O’Grady 10 yards downfield in red zone)

Inaccurate passes: 5 (completed pass to Treylon Burks for six yards, low and short of line to gain; incomplete to O’Grady 11 yards downfield, too high; incomplete to O’Grady 23 yards downfield, at his feet; incomplete to Burks 18 yards downfield, high and wide; incomplete to Chase Hayden 18 yards downfield on 4th down, pass well short)

Throwaways: 0

Drops: 0

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