QB breakdown - Kentucky

Nick Starkel
At/Behind LOS: 2/5, 0 yards
1-5 yard throws: 3/3, 20 yards
6-10 yard throws: 1/4, 6 yards
11-15 yard throws: 1/4, 15 yards
16+ yard throws: 0/3, 0 yards

Interceptable passes: 2 (incomplete 17 yards downfield to Trey Knox near the end of the first half; incomplete to Knox 11 yards downfield on Starke’s final series in the third quarter)

Inaccurate passes: 5 (incomplete to Treylon Burks 48 yards downfield; incomplete to Cheyenne O’Grady 9 yards downfield, pass was too high; incomplete to O’Grady 15 yards downfield, Starkel was hit as he threw; incomplete to Burks 12 yards downfield; pass behind Burks; incomplete to O’Grady 10 yards downfield, throw was high and too far in front of O’Grady)

Passes broken up: 1 (intended for O’Grady 9 yards downfield in the end zone)

1st down throws on 3rd down: 3 (4-yard gain to Mike Woods; 15-yard gain to Woods; 10-yard gain to Burks)

Drops: 3 (Tyson Morris on pass 2 yards behind LOS; Rakeem Boyd on pass 3 yards behind LOS at Kentucky 12; Burks on pass 4 yards behind LOS)

Throwaways: 1 (final pass, which was 16+ yards downfield with Woods in the area)

Ben Hicks
At/Behind LOS: 0/0, 0 yards
1-5 yard throws: 1/1, 22 yards
6-10 yard throws: 1/2, 14 yards
11-15 yard throws: 2/4, 26 yards
16+ yard throws: 1/1, 18 yards

Interceptable passes: 1 (first pass, intended for Trey Knox 11 yards downfield)

Inaccurate passes: 1 (incomplete to Woods on 2nd down in red zone on final drive, pass well behind Woods on a slant)

Passes broken up/tipped at line: 1 (final throw on 4th down intended for Burks near the goal line)

1st down throws on 3rd down: 1 (11-yard gain to Morris on 3rd and 2)

Drops: 0

Throwaways: 0