QB breakdown: Feleipe Franks vs. Tennessee

Feleipe Franks vs. Tennessee

At/Behind LOS: 7/7, 24 yards
1-5 yard throws: 5/8, 42 yards, TD
6-10 yard throws: 4/5, 34 yards, TD
11-15 yard throws: 0/1, 0 yards
16+ yard throws: 2/3, 115 yards, TD

Best throw: The 59-yard touchdown pass to Treylon Burks in the third quarter. It was a great showcase of improvisation from both Feleipe Franks and Burks. Franks used his feet to buy more time in the pocket and remained calm with his eyes down the field in the face of a bit of pressure. Burks camped underneath the pass 41 yards downfield then cruised into the end zone.

Worst throw: Franks did not throw an egregious pass in this game. For a split second, he had a chance to hit Mike Woods for a touchdown in the second quarter but missed him and wound up sailing a pass out of the back of the end zone.

Interceptable throws: (third game without one and has only two over the last five games)

Inaccurate throws: 2 (incomplete pass intended for De’Vion Warren 35 yards downfield; ball was overthrown down the sideline and uncatchable; incomplete pass intended for Woods 4 yards downfield on a slant route; ball was slightly behind Woods)

Accurate throws: 18

Throwaways: 4 (matched season-high in opener vs. Georgia)

Passes broken up: 0 (second game of the season without a PBU)

Passes tipped at LOS: 0

1st down throws on 3rd down: 4 (completed pass to Burks for 9 yards on third-and-6; completed pass to Hudson Henry for 6 yards on third-and-2; completed pass to Burks for 12 yards on third-and-3; completed pass to Blake Kern for 10 yards on third-and-2)

1st down runs on 3rd down: 2 (gain of 2 yards on third-and-1; gain of 24 yards on third-and-7)

Drops: 0

Receivers yards after catch leaders — Tennessee

WR Treylon Burks — 37 (2, 3, 4, 18, 10)
WR Mike Woods — 32 (0, 0, 32)
TE Blake Kern — 30 (19, 11, 0)
TE Hudson Henry — 12 (7, 5, 0)
WR De’Vion Warren — 11
RB Trelon Smith — 2 (-5, 7)
RB Rakeem Boyd — 2

Feleipe Franks — 2020 season totals

At/Behind LOS: 47/60, 308 yards, 2 TD
1-5 yard throws: 29/41, 228 yards, 3 TD, INT
6-10 yard throws: 23/39, 272 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT
11-15 yard throws: 11/18, 164 yards, TD
16+ yard throws: 13/25, 452 yards, 5 TD

Other interceptable passes: 3
Inaccurate passes: 22
Passes broken up: 10
Passed tipped at LOS: 1
Drops: 9 (Burks 2, Boyd 2, Hammonds, Warren, Knox, Kern, Henry)
Throwaways: 13
Team yards after catch: 800

I’d call that a really good game.

We don’t win any of our games without Odom’s scheming and his staff’s coaching, but I don’t think we would have won any of them without Franks (or his equivalent), either. What a Godsend.

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