Q- on Brandon Martin

I’m assuming he must be back on the team?

I have a few friends on the football team and noticed him in the background of a Snapchat in the locker room today.

Any word? I feel like it’s a blessing if he still is, and maybe he will have his chance to put it all together.


I don’t know the answer to this. At last check he was enrolled in school and not on the football team, and the likelihood did not appear high for him to be reinstated for this season.

I would be surprised as well, but good for him if he is.

Thanks for the replies.

I’m positive it was him in the video, but he may just be there with permission to work out or use the facilities, who knows. But, I’m hoping it’s a sign that he’s getting things together!

Man, ,I’m with you. that is one talented dude, if he can get it together he has a shot to really help us and then play in the NFL.

so big, so fast, so talented, hope he puts it all together!


The key is not if he works out. The key is can he be in daily meetings with the coaches. If he can’t do that, he will be lost in August.

Whoa…sorry! I must have missed this somehow. Was he suspended? When did that happen and what was it for? I had no idea…thanks guys!

He was dismissed from the team after spring practice with belief that it was for academic and responsibility reasons.

In case you missed it, Chad Morris said this week that Martin is not part of the team right now and probably will not be with the team during the season.

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