PWO RB Emmanuel Crawford and His Life Story

I haven’t seen it on the board, and may have just missed it, but the Hogs received a preferred walk-on commitment yesterday from running back Emmanuel Crawford of Grove, Oklahoma (Sam Pittman’s hometown).

He set the all-time record for yards rushing in Oklahoma’s Class 5A with more than 6,000 yards for his career. He will be joining a Razorback running back room with lots of depth, so playing time will probably be an uphill climb.

But I mention him because he has a very interesting life story. Emmanuel was born in Ghana and was sold into child slavery by his parents. He was eventually adopted by a family in Oklahoma, so from where he started in life to where he is today is a pretty amazing and inspiring story.


Here’s an interview he and his mother gave about a month ago.


What a great story! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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And another short interview:

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Foster and adoptive parents, like our very own @ScottieBordelon, are true heroes.

Never been to Ghana, but have been about ten miles from the border while serving in Togo. A truly remarkable place full of great, loving people, but as we see, no place is immune from evil. Glad Emmanuel is home in America


True. Foster and adoptive families are hero’s.


Awesome Story! God bless him! Hopefully he can get his degree and help the team


Wonderful heartfelt story. Thank you for bringing it to the board. God Bless Emmanuel and the family who raised and loved him. I wish him and his family a sincere welcome to the University of Arkansas. GHG!

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