Putting things in perspective

As it stands right now, there are four active college coaches with a National Championship: Saban - 5, Meyer -3, Fisher -1, Stoops -1.

In the last 50 years the number of different teams that have won a SEC football championship is six. That is in 50 years and the Hogs have been part of it for 25 years. The only ones:


It is going to take a magical year for any of this to happen for the Hogs. Same goes for the majority of the teams in the country.

Sadly, this ain’t the year. But, we are not alone.

I just want the team to finish strong and don’t want any “house cleaning”. It won’t matter.

I don’t think a house cleaning is due in the assistant coaching ranks, nor the coordinators. What’s needed is a lot of help from the 2017 redshirting class and the 2018 recruiting class.

Man, if you are a football recruit and play CB, S, LB or DL and if you are good enough, the playing time will be there in 2017. On offense same goes for OL, WR, TE, and maybe even FB.

Now, about house cleaning, if the HC is suffering from any preceived heat, we may see some changes.