Putting it all in perspective/correcting a few

I don’t post a lot, and it’s usually on football. There I am often accused of excessive optimism and one who does not see any negative or one who is not a realist. I dispute that; I have my reasons, and I want get into all that now. But mostly, when it’s bad, I just don’t post.

Like yesterday. I knew how last night was going to play out. On Wednesday night, once the pop fly was missed AND Oregon State escaped with the win, I knew our Hogs were going to lose Thursday. And I was sick about it all day yesterday. I looked at the line-up, I knew it takes more than a day to get the past the incredible trauma that was the night before, and I knew our team was not going to win that game absent some incredible and unforeseen and unexpected development. I dreaded the game because I knew it was coming. I started to post about it, but why? Why fill the world with doom and gloom and put out bad karma? The Hogs needed good vibes last night, and I was not about to put negativity out there.

Today, I’ve read some of the opinions and posts of others. Some things need to be said, and I want to say them.

  1. First to correct a few things that have been said. One is that Oregon State won because they wanted it more. Not true. That’s really a ridiculous thing to say, and I hate to dignify it with a response. But it needs to be said often that our kids – and they are kids; just kids in college most of who will never play professionally – but our kids played their guts and hearts out. They gave everything they had. And, by the way, so did Oregon State. Both teams played hard and both teams wanted it badly. Were that not the case, this would have been a two game series with two blow-out victories.

The other thing to correct – that our Hogs got their tails beat and as some said played like females in elementary school. This day and age I find calling young men girls to be insulting is actually an unintelligent attempt at an insult – so it’s bad to be of the fairer gender? Really? But the point of these folks was our Hogs laid down and just got whipped. Wrong. Our Hogs were one catch away from winning the National Championship. That’s fact. That’s not getting your tails whipped.

  1. The one day delay was just what the doctor ordered for Oregon State. The Beavers were beleaguered and needed all the rest they could get – especially their pitchers. Had the first game been played Monday night, I think and I suspect many think the Hogs would have won big in one of the games and swept the series 2-0.

  2. That Abel kid was incredible and was the difference — as I understand it, to go for 9 innings with 2 hits in a CWS final has never been done. The kid made history against one of the top batting teams in the U.S. What little we saw of him Tuesday night combined with what we knew about him told us that unless Campbell played like he did against Florida, our chances of winning game 3 were not good. And that’s what happened.

  3. Oregon State was better. If you watched college baseball and particularly all of the Regionals and Supers and did your research, you knew Oregon State was the best team in the country. Now, it’s baseball, and it’s one of those sports where very often the best team does not win and does not win it all. In post-season play, many great teams get eliminated in the midst of a short slump. The Beavers got to the CWS and promptly lost game 1 and were getting blown out by Washington in Game 2. The best team almost did not even make it to the final. But they did. And once Oregon State got to the finals, the best team was one play away from getting swept in the championship series two games to none. They caught a lucky break at the last possible moment that gave them new life – and like great teams, they seized the moment and never looked back.

  4. This is the greatest Arkansas Razorback baseball team of all time. This was an unbelievable team. And there is no doubt if Oregon State is the best team in the nation, the Arkansas Razorbacks are clearly the #2 team in the nation. #2 may not be good enough for some of our fans. It is for me, and I’ll take it every year – it’s been a long drought going back to 1979. Of course I want the Hogs to win it all in baseball and I wanted it this year, but this was a great team that made an historic run in the toughest baseball conference in America. There are a plenty of teams out there who would gladly trade places with Arkansas, including several in Texas. I plan to remember this team and this season fondly. And history will do so as well. #2 is a helluva lot better than just getting to Omaha and it’s clearly much better than staying home after losing a Regional or a Super.

  5. Dave Van Horn is one of the greatest college coaches in the nation. His work ethic is unbelievable. I’ve seen him in the summers a time or two in DFW on that train that takes passengers around to the different terminals. I’ll speak to him, and he’ll tell me he’s going to California or some place to find us some players so we can win a National Championship. He will. And I look forward to it. Maybe the Hogs will be back next year taking care of unfinished business.


P.S. One trait of very successful people in business and life endeavors is they know and understand that some times the better team, some times the one who did the best, some times the more talented person just does not win. And it has nothing to do with what you did or how you performed – it just did not work out. It does not mean you got your tail whipped or you did it wrong – it just did not go your way. It happens. It’s real life, and it’s the real world. You shake it off and you go back and do it again. That’s the mark of a true champion. It’s easy for those not in the arena to sit back and point fingers and pass judgment, but the real winners in life are in the arena fighting, some times losing and some times winning but always in the fight. Those who claim to be successful and undefeated in life – aren’t in the arena fighting often enough but instead sitting back gloating about the few times they managed success.

Great reply.

Thanks for taking the time to post!

Great post.

And by the way, I could have written your second paragraph word for word. I knew we were going to lose, in my gut, so strongly that I didn’t go to my usual watch party with my friends because I didn’t want to be “that guy” who was “Debbie Downer” all night. Better to take it in private for me.

I’ve NEVER done that before, in all of my years. But as it turned out, it was the right decision - for me and my friends.

I concur 100% Don’t call me a sorry fan, had to pull my small pill box out. I take every where out, but didn’t need to use it.

Standard set in stone. My son and I always go or watch games on TV. WE didn’t do it. I told Nick I’m not watching. Unless you say go (meaning watch with pizza). He said Dad I can’t and we agreed. Never turned the TV on but did listen a couple of minutes at a time on the radio. Didn’t take long to figure out it was not going to be our night.

One of the best post I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Good,good post.

Great post. I agree with every word.

Thanks so much.

That is exactly how I felt and how I believed. They were getting twice as many hits and when we were at bat they getting at least twice as many strike outs. I knew they were the better team and that we had an incredible amount of luck; and I knew that luck wouldn’t hold through game 3. I felt as bad as I did after the 1969 Texas game and I expected game 3 would be something like 8 to 2 and that was about right with the final of 5-0.

I know it is only game; but, even now, I’m still feeling down. I wouldn’t feel bad, if the second game was 8 to 2. It is coming so close that really hurts.