Put Things In Perspective

I’ve been overly critical of this years team but it took Nolan 4 years to reach sweet 16? We’re a few players/experience away from being there. Okay maybe this is a self check to remember. Great Win on the road!!!

Nolan’s first year really should not count. His 15 year old daughter died from leukemia and that is a loss no one should ever experience.

The second year was better, but we were a NIT team. We played ASU at Barnhill. We fell behind early, as ASU played well and shot well. ASU had a big lead and at one point were about 20 points ahead. The Hogs managed a huge comeback, aided by a typically great Barnhill crowd.

There certainly was a strong belief that Nolan would have been fired had the Razorbacks lost that game. Thankfully, we won and were lucky that we still had Nolan. His program was dominate in the early to mid 90’s that featured 3 Final Four teams, a National runner up, and a National Championship in 1994.

Muss has had a great start and I feel that he may be the one to lead our Hogs back to being a consistent top 10 team. It can be done at Arkansas. Eddie Sutton built the program and Nolan Richardson took it to a National Championship. I think that Hog Basketball will be a force as long as Muss is our coach.

Can’t recall a team losing two underclassmen the caliber of Mason and Isaiah either.

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Besides the loss of his daughter. Nolan had all kinds of problems with players that 1st - 2nd year.

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Could you imagine jones and joe on this team?

Portis and Qualls left the same time but Qualls had his limitations as a SF.

That was the last season we had three consecutive SEC road wins; but none of those was against a top 10 team.

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