Put the hurt on bamas QB Hurts

It would be nice if we could put the hurt on hurts since there back up is no longer with the program! He prolly want run as much do
To this, but we need to lay the wood on him and see if we can get him out the game. WPS!!

I bet he doesn’t hesitate to run. That little weak spot in our D (that allows the QB straight up the middle for a million yards) is something Hurts will exploit. As, a lot on here have said, his arm isn’t super, but his running ability is.

Maybe this game will be a wake up call on running QB’S after all we have faced already.

I can still see all the shots Bama has been able to get on our QBs the last few years. They drilled TW and BA over and over (many of them after the ball was thrown). For once, I would love to see us get some shots on their QB. Give him a sternum bruise, rattle his cage, hit him hard in the throwing arm. I seriously doubt he doesn’t have the poise to continue to deliver strikes if we can get to him early. We must make this game one dimensional to win.

I would like to see us contain him and make him read a defense and pass. He will run through the gaps if we rush him.

QB play always is huge factor and yet a freshman now poses a threat to a D that has yet to really learn to stop a running QB

We escaped TCU but Ags made us look lost

If we can’t challenge, contain, much less stop a true fresh on our home field than when is it going to happen???

We got rave reviews on this DL and it’s time to prove their worth and make the plays!!!

I understand when you focus on one element of another team’s offense you open the gates in other areas of concern. But, we can’t let this freshman beat us with his legs by depending on four down lineman to contain. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making him beat us through the air as opposed to running for 100 plus yards. Put pressure from different blitzing angles and make him hesitant in his decisions. That’s what Saban would do if he faced a running QB with little experience. I am losing faith in Smith and this gigantic hole we seem to open game after game. Go down swinging…

Completely agree.

I just want to see us contain him, if we can do that if helps our chances…