Put some meat on those Wings

My goodness. I’m trying to digest the height/weights from Richard’s article on the 15 U Wings. 6’1 130? I think I was a skinny kid of around 130 lbs at that age too. However, I was no taller than 5’9 at the time. Nobody called me Adonis. At 6’1 130, you probably really do need to jump around in the shower to get wet. Somebody please give young Misters Doakes and Davis a sausage egg biscuit, bowl of grits and a glass of milk. The good news is they’ve got plenty of time to fill out. I think I’ve asked this before, but is Gerald Doakes related to the famous football playing Doakes family of North Little Rock? That bunch had a much different body type. The Peaster kid sounds like a Horace Mann/child at 6’1 170 lbs in the 8th grade. We know what Chris Moore can do. Hopefully he’s got a good 3-4 more inches of vertical growth in him. Thanks for the peak at the future Richard. Doesn’t look like the state’s talent well will be going dry anytime soon.

I thought that too about the weights. I was 6’1" and 150 in high school and my parents sent me for a physical because I was so skinny. When my mom told the doctor what I ate everyday he said don’t worry it will catch up!

If the guys were juniors or seniors I would be concerned. I would bet they add about 10 pounds each year and graduate HS around 170.