Put my crow on the smoker…

I like my crow the way I like my pork butt, on the smoker. As the baseball team was finishing up the SEC regular season, I thought there was no way this team would get out of their regional, much less win their super regional and move on to the CWS, and I said as much on this board. Coach DVH has done a Yoda esque job with this team getting them to this point. What a jedi and I say that because I know he had to use some mental ninja stuff. Hats off to these players for executing!

I never mind being wrong when I’m wrong this way! WPS!


Welcome back from the dark side. You were not alone over there, lol.


I was right there with you.


Hey nothing wrong with thinking that bc at that time they really had given no real pulse the last 3-4 weeks of the season and if people were being honest,they never thought this team was going to end up doing this either.I thought getting away from Baum might be good bc no pressure would be on them and if they could just “get a win” that might be recharge them a little,well they got that,and then they got 2! and then it was on and poppin but if anybody thought we would be here by watching us play really bad ball the last month of the season,they lying to you.So you were just like everybody else thinking we had no chance to get here.


Only Gas knew - never a doubt!


Sometimes sports results don’t reflect how hard a team is trying. Bad breaks, individual slumps, etc. happen.

I never doubted that a DVH team is going to have a good culture, try like hell, and if the bad bounces turn in to good ones, or DVH makes strategic moves it will turn itself around at least to the innate capabilities of the team. This team never quit even if the results didn’t show it.

Now if Chad Morris was running this show…I would’ve been concerned.

that is especially true in baseball.

You see it happen often in the pro leagues, a veteran team comes up short the previous year, they do just enough to get by UNTIL…I see a little bit of that in this team.

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