Purdue vs Wisconsin, painful to watch

These two coaches need to wake up and join the 21st century college basketball.

I agree. They both are sleepwalking. With three minutes left in the game, they have scored 45-47.

All that’s missing is peach baskets. It’s takes weeks and weeks, hour after hour, of hard difficult practices to waste talent like this.

That game was painful to watch, I really thought WIS was going to give it up by keeping their non-free throw shooter it.

If you think that was painful to watch you have have tuned to Cinny at Houston. Cinny # 5 in the polls what a joke. They went over 11 minutes not making a field goal. The refs did Thor best to keep them in it!
The refs in the Wichita State Temple game made sure Wichita State won! They let the Shockers pound Temple but if Temple touched the Shockers the whistle blew. Sorry across the board.
Purdue and Whiskey are terrible

laughed when I pictured this

that if all basketball were like Wisconsin etc., that basketball would not be a popular sport, and would not be played around the world