Purdue loss

I saw the Purdue loss coming.

It was Fairleigh predictable!



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Goodun Clay! I did not see it coming. Was stunned when I saw the score.

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There is always shock by the losing team’s fan base, but Purdue’s fans couldn’t move when it was over drowning in disbelief.

The first round losses are haunting Purdue! The mighty Big 10 don’t look so strong.

Just spit my coffee out on the comforter when I read this lol……well done sir!

Good one Clay!

Is there a rim shot emoge?

I saw it coming too…but not in round one. That DID shock me. I had Purdue going down to Duke.

Why oh why couldn’t we have been in the east bracket. Oh well.

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Are you saying that you Fairleigh over Purdue in your bracket?

I talked about Purdue being over rated all year.

I was too sick to do a bracket this week. First time in forever. I would not have picked FDU. But I am not at all surprised.


Finally saw Purdue’s big man. First thought was Herman Munster.

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Well both Purdue and Dike didn’t survive! I’m more excited to see Duke get beat than any team in the dance.

And they beat the Dickins out of them, Fair and square.

My favorite moment in any Tourney year is to see Dook get beaten, then I can sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of it all with the possibility of them winning it all out. UNC (the team I root for second) knocking them out of the Final Four and sending Coach K into retirement last year, awesome. Us beating them in 1994 to win it all, heaven (of course it would have been no matter who we beat, but that made it double sweet. I was a hero in Chapel Hill).

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That’s funny. Either Herman or Lurch from The Addams Family.

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You share the thoughts on those 2 blue bloods like the list of hog fans. Normally the refs take over when NC or Duke are in games if they are close and help the blue bloods win. Our hugs have been feed to them both most of the time it has been to the Tar Heels. The next 3 teams I would like to see get beat are Bama, Kentucky and Texas! In that order too. I never hope any of these teams win period!

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Hey, that’s pretty good…