Purdue #1 Arkansas drops

Arkansas dropped a lot. Don’t think this poll cares for our schedule

Ain’t no poll. This is Seth Davis’ opinion.


Seven games in is kind of early for NET ratings (and for RPI as well). Not enough information yet. I do agree with Seth Davis that (a) we ain’t played anybody, although it’s not our fault that K-State beat Illinois, and (b) we’re still slopping around. We have three weeks to get it right before SEC play starts.

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44th we’ll get their attention I agree we haven’t played anyone but 44th ?

RPI is 35th today according to Warren Nolan. Same deal. Not enough data points yet. I don’t know why they even bother with either one until January.

KSU didn’t beat Illinois, would’ve helped if they did. Maybe you mean Cincinnati. KSU did beat a good Wichita St team on their own floor yesterday that had beaten both Mizzou and Oklahoma St. recently.

You’re right of course. And Cincy left KC and promptly lost to a rent-a-win, Monmouth. They’re 7-2 though and play Xavier next.

Seth Davis has always underrated Arkansas. Vitals and Greenberg almost never compliments the Razorbacks. There are still a number of national writers who downplay Razorback team’s success and a lot of them work for ESPN.

The best thing about basketball is March Madness. After the first week in April, the last team standing wins it all. I will never forget the gibberish when the national pundits were saying in Charlotte that Duke would beat Arkansas because they were the “SMARTER team”.

That was pretty much Mitch Albom, who is a jackass anyway.

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Arkansas fell 2 spots to No. 12. Also, half the SEC is in this week’s AP poll with LSU jumping in at No. 25.

How about the nation’s 202nd toughest schedule thus far. That’s a Charmin data point.

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Might have known you’d go straight for the negative. That will change by the end of the month. Unlike your viewpoint.

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7 sec teams in top 25

a little of that football money finally trickling its way down to basketball it seems

One sec team will drop out for sure

Florida lost at home to an 0-7 swac school

holy moly that’s pitiful

NET rankings has Wyoming at #12. Sure. Okay. Seems believable.

Surprised Florida AD hasn’t fired Florida’s coach already. He has a quick trigger

Which is exactly my point. At this time of the season you get weird junk like Wyoming at #12, because there isn’t enough information to do a proper ranking.

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