Purdon't is in deep trouble

Fairleigh Dickinson is up 3 with 1:44 left. And four guys on the floor in black and gold do not want to shoot the ball. At all. And FDU is trapping the heck out of them.

This would be a 16 over 1. Remember, 16 seeds are 1-150. Ever.

yep!! they hunting Momma!! Momma come help me!!

Virginia is FDUs biggest fan.

16 seeds have won once in the women’s tournament too, which opened the path for the Hogs to get to the Final Four in '98 (Harvard beat Stanford, we beat Harvard in the second round).

Review to check possession after a blocked shot with 29.2 left; FDU is still up 3. They’re gonna adjust the clock as well as decide possession.

Purdue ball, set the clock at 30.0.

I don’t know how you don’t call a foul on that FDU ran right over that guy

Those dumb hats. Much less classy than Hoghats.

They didn’t call a charge on a Purdue guy earlier either. Obviously not going to make that kind of call.

evidently,I didn’t see the other one but that was obvious.

Other one was pretty obvious too. Point guard dished to the corner and then flattened an FDU guy, and the shooter in the corner hit the shot.

Purdue out of time outs with 12.5 left.

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yeah going to be over now probably…missed badly on the 3…

Air ball, FFDU gets the board and fouled, 8.1 left.

Makes one. Makes two.

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March Madness lives again!!

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It’s OVAH!

Make that 2-150. Purdue could not handle the pressure of a 16 seed.

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I was hoping Purdue would be our 1 seed

Historical win for sure


Many, many brackets are absolutely destroyed. If they weren’t already.

FDU is #298 in Pomeroy. Purdue is #5.

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yeah FDU obviously knew more than oleRoy :rofl:

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And the other 16 seed to win chimes in.

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Ken Pom had that one at 98% probability, congrats to FD!

Not surprised at all that Purdue lost.
I have known they were a fraud all season…The Big is a fraud league.

Frankenstein doesn’t win in college hoops anymore. Guards do, and Purdue doesn’t have any.

For all of the s$%t that has been tossed around here about us, and how awful our season was, who would you rather be tonight…us or Purdue?

All we needed to do was get in, and now it’s go time. Nobody should be surprised when we win tomorrow.
I won’t be.

We have more talent than KU, and trust me, Self knows it.