Punked by ole miss

thought it couldn’t go lower but if true we have. Arkansas football is dead it seems…

President and bot should stay out of this. after this is over, is it fair for reporters to name which bot members opposed this hire for us? and norvell last time around. are they appointed for a term and how long is the term.

its time to really clean house of there administratively. bet they don’t sell 40000 season tickets next year, bowl game, maybe in 4 years depending who hy can pull out of the hat. bring the app state coach on, he wants the job.

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They should be named. It’s ridiculous they get to call shots , ruin the program and never take any blame.


Feel the same way


Hiring Morris over Norvell proved their incompetence.

Given a chance to redeem themselves they are on the verge of reenforcing their well deserved reputations.


No matter who has been on the BOT for the past 25 years they have all proved how STUPID they are!


I really hope our insiders here can shed some light on the BOT meddling in this hire and the last one with some solid information about this. I think more transparency in this is a good thing, once the hire is announced, especially if our AD had his guy only to be flanked by the BOT.


How does everyone know BOT had anything to do with it? Who legitimately has reported that? What if Kiffin thought Ole Miss had more talent than us.

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They blew it when they fired Bielema over an infatuation with Gus and a dislike of long. When that didn’t work out they were stuck scraping the barrel. Picking Morris over Norvell mistake is easy to say in hindsight but your bound to fail when your under pressure with no good plan B. Granted they couldn’t have picked worse and here we go again.

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Bielema needed to be fired - the replacement was the screw up


Was there a BOT or two encouraging Wally Hall in smear campaign I wonder?

But they won’t.

LK mighta figured:

  1. The OM AD will let him have a lot of leeway that HY wouldn’t.
  2. The mess at AR is worse than the OM mess.
  3. OM has more identity on offense w/ talent returning particularly in the rushing dept. AR, …

Don’t disagree with letting Bielema go, I think we had seen the ceiling, but how they executed and went about it is how they got into this mess.

Or are they?

Or maybe Clay was right and Lane was never offered and never the first pick?

If we still don’t make the sexy / splash hire, this is what I think has been brewing. Just speculative from the surface.

When they forced CBB out then forced the AD out, that gave them total control to hire a cheaper Coach due to the buyouts incurred with the fired HC & AD, albeit Long got the same position soon at a another program & they are currently in litigation with Bret. But I think they knew Gus wasn’t going to come here in the end & just used that scenario as a crutch and Miss Peoples &/or maybe Jerry J to try their luck with CCM and boast big time if it worked out. But it didn’t work and HY fires him probably with his new coach already on the hook & promises of a big checkbook until it got right down to the nut cuttin. Then the PTB blocked/stalled/lolly gagged, etc. while the egg is on Hunters face.

But some of that opinion will change if Hunter pulls this off with the right hire.

Jimbeau, I think you maybe in the ballpark

I’m willing to allow HY to get his job done as best he can given all the circumstances he is likely working with (BOT).
Regardless who the hire is he has to be someone that really wants the job, has the ability to recruit and put together a competent staff quickly and get to work.
If it appears to be a horrific hire then we will all know and if it’s a good hire we will have to be willing to give him more than 2 years to attempt to build the program up to a competitive level because it’s not going to get their quickly given the conference and division we compete.

Go Hogs!

According to ESPN Ole Miss will be paying a little over 4 million a year. We seriously could not match/out bid that figure?

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Maybe we didn’t want to outbid OM. Maybe just maybe something better is in the works for AR for that kind of money.