Pundits-What are they predicting?

Not sure how much cooperation I will receive here. I’ve got a full work schedule this time of year and am not able to listen/watch for the predictions for our Hogs in this year’s tournament. As such, I would really appreciate any “updates” as to what the various Radio/TV pundits say about the Hog’s chances. If you get a moment to respond to this thread as you hear/see them, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to “Catching-Up” during the evening before sleep time :smiley:
Thanks in advance for your help.

Depends on Kingsley. Looks like we are a 60/40 prediction winner, but there are some pundits saying Kingsley is a dirty player and has been all year (I want them to show me where), and should be suspended. If he is out, it might not benefit us.

Ones I saw last night pick SH to beat us. They were on ESPN, I think. Couldn’t tell you the name of any of them.

The same talking heads picked Vandy over us in the tournament. To me, the SH game is a toss up. If we play our game, we win.

No one should ever take the pundits’ predictions as gospel. I don’t. However, the question was “Pundits–what are they predicting?” The answer as to those particular ones is “Seton Hall to win.” I doubt the IP wanted to know if we should accept those predictions and simply fail to play the game.

Sorry, not taking a shot at you. I just was stating my opinion.

No problem. I share your view. I think we should win if we play as well as we have over the past month.