Pulling for Vols

Some have expressed an inability to root for other SEC teams. But I hate Duke. Also kinda pulling for Barnes, a very decent guy. UT has dealt out a couple of hard fouls early, but the Blue Devils are also flopping all over the place. Plus you can tell who the announcers are favoring.


Pulling for the Vols myself!

Yep…I’m for the Vols. Barnes is a good coach and a better man. And I have tons of Vol friends that will be happy.

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Only been able to see second half, but Tennessee will be hard to beat with three referees and only one whistle. They surely love a very loosely called game.

This was grown men playing boys. Duke had the NBA talent, but TN had the really good 4th and 5th year juniors and seniors.

The center for Tenn should never be allowed to play as he is nothing but a dirty thug who just beats people up. He has no basketball skill.