Pulling for Duke right now

After defeating the Zags, I want Arkansas to be the team that ends Coach K’s career.


Before the game started I thought I could root for Duke but as it goes on I want them to lose.

Sick and tired of seeing the national sport press and commentators being his lap dog


They’ve been his lapdog since 1991. Nothing new here.

The national sports press seems to worship at the alter of Izzo too…even though he hasn’t won a natty since 2000. And that was his only one…exactly as many as The Bear. Go Hogs!
And please don’t ever forget that Izzo gifted us with Stan Heath. Nuff said!


The Elite Eight run with Antonio Gates gifted us with Stanley, unfortunately.

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Between the 2 coaches I pick coach K.
Izzo is guilty of the cover up at Mich St just like Briles at Baylor!

If everything goes right, maybe we can be the team that sends K to the house. I would much rather see Duke than Texas Tech.

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ESPN reported in 2020 that Izzo was involved in the coverup of a sexual assault in 2017, but Izzo has denied it and there hasn’t been anything come out since to corroborate the ESPN story. The report was that Izzo contacted a witness to the alleged assault, but that witness said the contact was of the “Are you okay?” type rather than trying to hide anything.

And Christian Dawkins (the guy on Will Wade’s SAO phone call) testified that Izzo refused to pay Brian Bowen to attend MSU. Rick Pitino, on the other hand, was perfectly willing to cough up the cash for young Mr. Bowen.

I’m not going to pretend that Izzo’s hands are entirely clean; he’s in the wrong business for that. But this isn’t Art Briles North.

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Been listening to the sports press for years laud Duke and K. They love to say Duke is the Gold Standard of College Basketball. Duke and Coach K win the right way they would often say. Turns out they were buying players with the best of them. Coack K, above reproach. Duke squeaky clean. A big load of garbage.


I never could stand duke or duke fans. At all. Didn’t like Hurley or laetner.

But Grayson Allen was the first time that I had an objective reason to say “coach K is not above reproach, and in fact he may be a scum bag’

Then the wire taps and Zion, and he really is just an older Bruce pearl



Coach K gave Grayson Allen a very tough “indefinite” one game suspension against a nobody when he had no other choice because Allen had intentionally tripped opponents so many times it became embarrassing. Christian Laetner’s stomping of a Kentucky player? He gave him a very tough zero
game suspension. Because a Final
Four semifinal was coming up.

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“I’m pulling for Duke” are words that will never come out of my mouth.

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