Pulley = Tevin Mitchell = Improved Secondary

Pulley is able to play press coverage. He is able to be very physical with WR’s like a Bama Corner. Pulley has filled the void missing after Tevin Mitchell graduated to the NFL. Pulley may be even more physical which makes up for his lack of experience. Pulley can take the other team’s WR out of the play their offense has to rely on lesser WR talent…just like Tevin did it.

Problem is a&m has great receivers all over the field

So did TCU. If you minimize Josh Reynolds then you have made an impact. Christian Kirk and RSJ are very good too, so they are like the top TCU WRs. A&M’s WRs are a tad better.

What constitutes great? They, like us, have 2 WRs in the top 15 of the SEC in receiving yards. Their 3rd is 23rd with 9 catches and 128 receiving yards.

TAMU is 8th in yards per attempt. We are 4th.

I think TAMU had good WRs and we have to avoid late complete busts that have cost us wins the last 3 years, but we have a tendency to call everything great these days.

TAMUs WRs aren’t appreciably better than TCU’s and we beat them in a true road game–partially because Pulley shut their main guy down.

Pulley shut down their tall WR that led their receiving stats as you say, and I think that is what Pulley can do to A&M’s Reynolds. I have been impressed with Tolliver beginning to play like he did 2 years ago. He is starting to play more press cover and shutting down WR’s.

Arkansas’ corners have made some mistakes (Jared Collins fell down on a long TD a couple of years ago), but Texas A&M has really taken advantage of the linebackers, like Dre Greenlaw on the game-tying TD last year. Kevin Sumlin kind of reminds me of Bobby Petrino in how he utilizes his slot receivers. He does a good job of getting them in the open on the underneath routes. That’s where Christian Kirk hurt Arkansas last year. I don’t know if he’s a great receiver, but he is a great athlete.

Texas A&M will take some shots, but its offense is best when the underneath routes are working.

Can our improved Dline take a few shots of their own?

I believe BB has got the attention of a few guys looking to upgrade their stock come April

Pressuring this QB and landing some licks helps this secondary immensely

The key is the safeties. I don’t worry as much about cornerbacks. It will be how the safeties help in the run game while still providing help for corners over the top. A&M has always done a good job of getting some matchups on safeties. So far, I think the Arkansas safeties are much improved in their discipline, not leaving the back end of the secondary exposed.

Mazzone is A&M’s new OC so I am not sure what he brings. Will he perpetuate the past matchup focus on safeties? We have not seen A&M play a Pro-Style Play Action team, so we have no idea how desperate they will react if their # of possessions are reduced.