Pulley declares for the NFL Draft


Good luck to him. I am curious to see if he ends up being a draft pick. Can’t picture someone taking him earlier than the 6th round.

I wish him the best. He may have to put in a lot of work to make a roster. It won’t surprise me if he goes undrafted.

I’M glad ,we don’t need all the distraction that would surround him…Good luck to him.

He will need to have a really good combine/pro day to get into the middle rounds, but physically he does have the ability. I think he will be on a roster on opening day, barring injury or off-the-field knucklehead stuff. He needs a combine invite badly, as much to get past the character issues as anything else.

Interesting that he waited this long to declare, which makes me wonder if: a) he was waiting to get a better idea how many underclass CBs would declare; and/or b) he and CM recently came to a parting of the ways. I note that he thanked his position coaches, but neither of his HCs.

We will miss him on the edge, but this will give some of the other guys the opportunity to rise to the occasion. We just have to see whether they live up to their recruiting hype. Pulley had an attitude, often needed on that side of the ball. I liked him from the start & wish him well.

Was beginning to feel as if this was going to be happening since it was taking so long. Not sure I agree with it but I am not in his shoes. Really felt coming back would be big for him and his improvement. Oh well, all the best to him and hope it works out and appreciate him being a Hog.

he was as solid a defensive back as Arkansas has had in awhile according to analytics.

I’m no expert and perhaps he plays in the NFL for a decade.

I wish him all the best and genuinely hope he does great now and other future endeavors.

To me I wish he were more consistent.

He might have been sick or had an off day but parts of his performance against MS State to these eyes were among the worst efforts I’ve ever seen in a Razorback jersey. Appeared to be hiding at times.

I rarely lock in on a performance like that but several of us were all watching and discussing at the time.

He did have much better games and provided value to the team.

But I doubt NFL is impressed with the MS State game.

You’re right Dudley. So what does that say about what we’ve been playing with.

Wonder if CCM helped Ryan make his decision?

It’s easy to forget that these kids are 20-21 years old. A LOT of kids that age (non-athletes) come out of college not yet “finished” as adults. That almost certainly includes (included) some of those reading this post right now.

Certainly, from a distance (based on what I hear, see and read), RP made some immature decisions here and there that I wish he had not. Again - like a lot of kids. For HIS sake, I hope he grows out of them and moves ahead. If he does, I do believe he has the talent to make a team and fashion a nice career for himself. Don’t know whether or where he’ll be drafted, but without a doubt he’ll be in someone’s camp - and then, it’s up to him.

I wish him well. And I’m excited to see who we bring in to play in his absence.

The NFL will have an upgrade in cheerleaders, that’s for sure. :smiley:

I hope he does well.

I wish him well. Unfortunately, for him, the incident that kept him sidelined for the Missouri game is the last “image” people have of him, kind of like Drew Morgan and the Virginia Tech bowl game. Neither one of them should be solely judged on that. It’s part of their resumes, but a minute part. Ryan is a talented cornerback, and I am glad he chose to be a Razorback.

Wish him the best. He was the only bright spot in a dismal secondary at times.
Hope he has a good pro day and/or combine to catch more NFL eyes.

I thought he originally said he was coming back. He is a solid player, but I thought he needed another year. I wish the kid the best! WPS!!!

Good Luck Ryan Pulley!! You never know who is going to catch on in the NFL. Who would have thought that Jason Peters was going to be one of the best NFL players ever to come out of Arkansas.

Based on inconsistency and lack of focus at the end of the season, perhaps he is headed in the right direction. IMHO he pretty well ended his career at Arkansas with the ladies from Mississippi State.

Wish him well. The tools and ability are there, just not the focus and maturity.

in the NFL, he certainly has the ability…BUT, I really feel he was a distraction last year. played ok, got torched by CSU’s receiver, then his effort against MSU…just totally unacceptable.

This may be one of those addition by subtraction. Not talent wise, but if he was that set on the NFL, then its unlikely he would have been a great player for us. And really need to clean house and move on from the last regime.


Wish him a long and prosperous NFL career, thanks for playing for the Hogs. WPS