Pujols out in Anaheim

Getting paid $30 million and nowhere to play him, so out he goes. Not sure he’ll be able to catch on anywhere else.

The end is sometimes ugly. Perhaps this is not the end. Cardinals fans, where are you on this?

He’s the greatest first basemen that ever lived.

I’d like to see him get to 700 homers but the covid shortened season doomed that I’m afraid.

I remember that there was a lot of discussion about the Cards letting him go. Financially/Performance speaking it worked out well for the Cards as they got all of his great seasons.

I want him back in a Cardinal uniform so he could say he started and finished his career a Cardinal. I loved watching him play and remember that 2011 WS season vividly.

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As an Astros fan, it sure seemed that Albert was an Astro killer. Fitting that he homered in his last series in Minute Maid Park. That shot he hit off Brad Lidge in the playoffs is still in orbit, I think.

And sure enough, according to the Houston Chronicle, Albert has more homers and RBIs against the Astros than any player in history.

The Cardinals are my favorite team and Pujols is my all time favorite player.

That said, Pujols should have retired 2-3 years ago.


IF this is the end (not saying it is) the Cards should sign him to a short term contract, let him play in a game and then he could retire. That may not be possible and him still get his money from the Angles, but if it is, and he his done, I would love to see that.

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I believe the Cards offered him a legitimate five year contract that would have kept him in St. Louis from 2012-2016 season. Albert was like 31 at the time and he and his wife were pushing for more years in any contract.
So, the Angels were stupid enough to offer that ten year contract that they have gotten not much in return for their money over the past 5 years.
The Cards new exactly how much gas he had left in the tank and gave him a realistic offer, but like most in the sports world they always want and think they are worth more.
So, fitting ending to his career if this is it…He got his money, Cards didn’t get stuck with an aging ball player at a high cost…Angels were the only losers in this saga.

It looked like his skills had diminished some in his last year in St Louis.

Some think he is older than he claims.

I’ve heard that. Interesting.

great ball player who will end up in the Hall of Fame…but i realize its hard for a pro athlete to "hang it up"in their mid to late 30s when most of us "normal"people are hitting our prime in our careers at that age…i can think of others who stayed too long but thought they could still play…

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