Public Service Credit Union Stadium

Or something to that extent will reportedly be the name of the Colorado State stadium when Arkansas plays there in September. Yahoo’s Pat Forde reports the credit union is paying in excess of $37 million to have its name on the stadium for 15 years.

Colorado State opened the 45,000-seat stadium last season and called it CSU Stadium. The field was named after Sonny Lubick at the Rams’ old stadium and remained the same at the new stadium. I think most of the locals refer to the stadium by the field name. I know we have a couple on the board from that area who can clarify. … 37581.html

Speaking of the old stadium, I drove through Fort Collins on a trip a couple of years ago and stopped to look at it. It was built kind of into a hillside and had mostly grass parking. It had to be one of the most unique stadiums in college football by the end of its run.

The new stadium is a huge upgrade for CSU and puts the Rams in position to upgrade their conference affiliation when the next round of realignment comes about, probably in 2022 or so. I’m looking forward to seeing a game there.

I looked on their athletic web site some time ago and I believe the visitors seats are in one corner of one of the upper decks.

wow, heck of an upgrade.

The old CSU stadium reminds me a little of one about 130 miles down I-25 at the Air Force Academy.

I’ve walked around the stadium at AFA. It’s pretty cool, mainly because of the setting.

In fact, I would tell any one that the campus in general is well worth a visit. The dorm and chapel area in particular are very interesting.

Same goes for USNA campus in Annapolis. I have not been to West Point yet, but it’s on the bucket list.

Me, too. They look real familiar up close. The old stadium in Fort Collins was built in 1968, six years after the Air Force Academy constructed its stadium, so I assume there was some copying of ideas.

I have not heard about the naming rights. Public Service is the Electric Company covering the Front Range. Makes sense I guess, but seems like a lot of $. Must be looking at it as some sort of a donation or to fullfill some do good mandate.

I do hear it called Lubick Stadium instead of field. Sonny was just a flat great coach and still loved in Ft. Collins and really, the whole Ft. Range area.

The picture does not show it, but the stadium is in the middle (well really center south) part of campus. Walked by it yesterday. As I stated the other day, for me this is by far the biggest game of the season.

The stadium elevation is right at 5,200 feet. I hope we don’t make too much of that, but we must keep it in mind. It could be at WY which is over 6,000 and so stated right on the stadium.

Oh yes, the Air Force Stadium is in a neat location. If you ever get a chance to see a game there, take it. It is an experience and the football is only a small part of it. Get there early.

You aren’t kidding. Obviously fans in that conference don’t travel very well; they show just a sliver of the upper deck. I suspect we might have negotiated a few more seats than that.

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The credit union has confirmed it will be the stadium’s sponsor, but says it won’t reveal the stadium name until June because of a pending rebrand.


The elevation at Wyoming’s War Memorial Stadium is 7,220 feet. It is the highest point in college football.

IDK why, but I’ve always wanted Arkansas to play Wyoming. Maybe just because it’s one of those “different” kind of non-Power 5 teams that should be on par with a Louisiana Tech and better than Eastern Illinois.

They could play a home-and-home at each other’s War Memorial Stadium. :smiley:

Wyoming has been able to get some big names to Laramie in recent years. I remember Nebraska playing there in the Bo Pelini days, and Oregon went there last year.

They had a home and home with Texas a few years back. WY is a lot like AR ecept on a different scale. Have always loved WY and the people there are the best.

Ole Miss had a home and home with them and lost both games.

Seems like it’d be a good home-and-home, and like this Colorado trip, it would be a scenic road trip for the fans.

FYI, given the potential small number of visitor tickets for the CSU game, and the amount of interest the game seems to be generating.

Foundation members and season ticket holders can buy road game tickets now. I just bought mine for Colorado State. Tickets are $87.