With all the talk about baseball season starting, being ranked as high as 11th, and even a chance of going back to the CWS, it has brought back last year. I was thirty feet away as that ball dropped between our three players and watched our National Championship slip away! I hope they get over it better than I have. It still hurts

I’m confident the players are past it. It’s something they will never forget, but not something they have been agonizing over.

I am not going to try to equate my “trauma” of that dropped ball to what a member of our military goes through, but it is as close to PTSD as I have ever been. I am embarrassed at how much it affected me. I am still not really over it.

I was too young (6 years old) to even know the great shoot out was going on or what it was about, but I suspect that there were (are) a lot of people for whom that game had the same effect.

I didn’t post on this board for months. I pretty much boycotted sports for months.

Again, I am really not over it. I didn’t go to a football game this year, haven’t gone to a basketball game this year (and most likely will not) and not sure I can go to a baseball game this year.

For what it’s worth, the ones that formed the triangle are gone.

They also were key in getting Arkansas to that point, which gets overlooked.

It happened & I’m still sick about it, but I never blamed any of those guys for it. None of us should. DVH said it was a very tough play because of the way the ball started over the grandstands & then came back into play. That’s good enough for me. However, even if it had been a routine play, I’d never blame players for failing to make it. The only time I want to blame a player is if he’s not hustling. That wasn’t the case here. They were all great players. Stuff happens.

The pop up hitting the ground doesn’t bother me now! Our hogs were 1 of 2 teams left playing when the rest of college baseball had hung their spikes up for the year.
The Dollar game where the hogs were robbed haunted me for years. I’m still mad about the screws being put to our hogs against the Tar Heels in the dance 2 years ago. I’m still mad about the refs making sure the Gators won the SEC championship in football.
In sports nobody’s firing bullets at any of us but when you can see the bias that takes place it makes me realize how we have to adapt and overcome obstacles in life. No matter what the score is, win or lose I will always be a HOG!
God bless you all.


I sure don’t overlook what they did to get the team to Omaha and to the Championship game. They are hogs for life and I will always appreciate what they accomplished. The pop up hitting the ground doesn’t change anything.

I get the drop and what it meant, but the Hogs played in the championship series and got experience that will help the team for the next couple of years… it can happen and they confidently know it.