Pt. Guard

Other than the transfer from New Mexico,which player coming in can be a True Pt. guard for us next year?

Keyshawn Embrey.

I think Keyshawn is a combo guard. Someone can correct me. I would say Sills has that potential. Also Garland and Phillips think they can be.

He is built like a combo (similar to Barford), but I would describe as more of a PG then a SG. I suppose that is the textbook definition as a PG, but he is very skilled ball-handler and under CMA will play a lot of the PG with Harris out of the game. Sills is similar, but slighter in build.

I am hoping that the year of practice in the system will allow him to be a stabilizing influence for both the guards and the team in general with so many new(but maybe more talented) faces next year.

I just hope Garland is Cleared to Play next year…

That’s pretty well the position that has killed the hogs in the assist category the past few years a true point guard.
Harris, Joe and Seils. The scoring of guards hasn’t been the problem it’s been feeding the post and running the offense to get open shots against quality teams. The guards we have have scored well but they lack control in big games.
Emery I hope with his size is able to drive and dish to get teammates open.
I watched Harris a couple of times before he transferred. I sure hope he has improved and is ready to play.