PSU statistical tidbit

The Nittany Lions are last in the B1G in pass protection, allowing 32 sacks. And QB Sean Clifford, who in the past has been quite mobile, hasn’t been this year. Hoping we can take advantage of that.

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I would love to see us pressure their QB a lot, get some sacks, and push him into turning over the ball.

I say bring the heat then! maybe throw a couple to us…

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I’m assuming they’ll look at their scouting videos and spend most if not all their time preparing for our 3-man front. A bowl game seems a great time to try something different, at least at the start. Especially to exploit an opponent’s weakness.

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Part of the beauty of football is it has some chess like applications on strategy. They will figure we will try to max out against their perceived weakness and scheme to counter it, then we have to anticipate their likely counter and plan a counter for that. In the end, the team that executes its plans best will likely win. Then we have the unforeseeable turnovers.
Or a win gone but for a scoop and score.

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