PSU Opt Out

Does that mean he will be Out and not Back for the Outback
Bowl? No Lion!

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There will be a few more from PSU. Expect our roster to be in better shape.

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“Expect our roster to be in better shape.”

Are you saying that you expect our roster to be in better shape? Or are you telling your readers that we should expect our roster to be in better shape?

I’m being nit picky, but the message board style of writing leaves this old man confused sometimes :nerd_face:

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Arkansas will have less opt outs than PSU, resulting in a better roster on 1/1/22 than that of the Nittany Lions from Happy Valley


Leading receiver is said to be foregoing the game but still haven’t seen confirmation of it. He is their Burks.

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PS had five starters beyond Smith not practicing (or on the sidelines) the last couple of days. A whole lot of opt out and NFL combine talk going on.

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In better shape relative to PSU, having fewer opt outs.

Anybody hearing anymore about anyone else from Penn State opting out ?

I just found this

Opt outs have ruined bowl games. That and the 4 team playoff. Players don’t care about the bowl games so why should fans.


Kind of going the way of a glorified spring game, a preview of what a team will have returning for the next season, though against an opponent vs playing yourself.

Spring games are not nearly this. I think a bowl game is a much different flavor, even with a few opt outs.

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A second starting PSU LB has opted out.

Their strength was linebacker. Linebacker U.

Losing Grant last year at Missouri was crushing. Depth improvement at linebacker was among the Hogs’ biggest improvement.

I was a little hyperbolic, but am concerned about the trend we’re seeing. Not too long ago nobody opted out of bowl games. They were what you were playing for, the reward at the end if the season. The better the season, the bigger the reward.

Then it started with those projected high draft picks opting out to avoid injury. It then spread to those with just a shot at the NFL opting out. Now we have the transfer portal, and those entering the portal opting out of playing the bowl game with their team. What’s next, all whose college careers are ending opting out? Why put in the extra month’s hard work and risk injury when there’s nothing in it for you personally?

I agree bowl games are more glamorous then spring games, more pomp and prestige (and you’re not playing yourself). But when it gets to the point that most star players are opting out of post season, it does become a glorified preview game of what’s coming next season. And as mentioned earlier, when fans stop caring, bowls lose their glamor and appeal.

Hope it doesn’t go that way, but I’m afraid we’re halfway there. Growing up, bowls were a highlight of the holiday season that I looked forward to all year. Now it is starting to lose that glamor a little.

This isn’t just about the Hogs opt-outs. I’m disappointed to see the PSU linebackers also opting out. My preference is “A” team against “A” team, and we’re getting something less than that, not only in this game, but across the bowls.


But we are still Arkansas and a team.

It’s not like the kids behind T Burks can’t play FB. We have that line, KJ and a stable of running backs ready to go. We need or could use a W, don’t you think? It will help the program in the short run and for sure the long run.

I wouldn’t care if all the LBers, Safeties and DB opted out. :joy::joy::joy:


At least four players from their two-deep would be great.