PSU Loss Margins

There is no doubt Penn State played a tough schedule this season, including road games at Wisconsin, Iowa, tOSU, and MSU. While they’d lost 5 games before they played the Hogs, their largest loss was only 9 points, generally their losses were at the field goal level.

Of course, they lost by 14 to the Hogs, it could have been worse. Their 10 points scored against the Hogs was also their lowest output of the season.

In sum, a pretty convincing Hog victory, while playing without their best and league dominant offensive player.

WPS. Thanks guys.


Their tough schedule compares little to our schedule but your point is well made. It’s a good win for the Hogs.


They played a bunch of very good teams and all but oSU were very close in the final score. Their only bad game was against Illinois. I think at one time they were ranked #4 in the top 25.

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