PSU Football Team

Anybody hearing anything about Covid issues on the Penn State football team?

One of Matt and Clay’s competitors says there are “rumblings” Penn State may opt out. He’s couching it as very unofficial and not confirmed. I guess he has talked to his affiliate in State College and got that info. So we have “rumblings”….

That would really suck by the way.

Replace them with Illinois!

Bielema wanted his bunch to be the replacement against Wake in the Gator Bowl . Lobbied on Twitter for it.

Let’s kick his butt up between his shoulder blades if PSU can’t play.

BB is below Rutgers in bowl desirability… No respect left for his Wiscy days.

The only reason for that is that Rutgers had a slightly higher academic progress rate. But Illinois is better than, among others, Texass. Cal-Berkeley is also high on the APR list.

I get that there has to be an objectivity to the reward and APR serves as a nice carrot. EoE-A would probably rally and make Sark look good and make the 40 acre alums feel like there was just a mistake to this whole season and they deserved to be in a bowl.

PSU viral stats from on campus dashboard;

There’s a chance we could get Illinois if PSU opts out


If this happens in the next day or two, why couldn’t (or wouldn’t) the higher bowl match two ranked teams (Wake vs Ark) and the lower bowl match two 5 win teams? You have two ranked teams that are together, have been practicing, and are ready to travel. That would be ideal for both teams that earned a bowl and gives an extra game (and $$$) to two teams on the cusp of bowl eligibility. In addition to revenue for the bowls.

What’s going to suck is if PSU waits until the Hogs are in Fla practicing then opt out, leaving them stranded again with no time to schedule a different opponent.

I really hope this doesn’t happen. It would really suck for the team. Plus, I don’t know what they would do with tickets. Hopefully refund but I doubt it.

What a disaster if so. :-1::-1:

I think we got refunds last year when TCU bailed out on the bowl game.

I’m sure they would do refunds, but what about those who have paid for airline tickets? :tired_face:

That is what traveler’s insurance is for.

Use the tickets to go watch the basketball team in Maui next November!

Yes, we looking at going to the Maui tournament next year.

Glad I’d planned to drive (9 hour drive from Casa SF, of which about 90 minutes will be on gameday).

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