PSA…Get your Flu Shot!

Meant to post this Monday night but got busy and forgot…I received a exec summary email Monday night from one of our academies and it had the prior week uptick data in flu cases, mostly on east coast. Also, every medical article I’ve read over the last month has suggested the gurus are expecting a bad flu season this year, based off what’s just happened in Australia and in South Asia.

I took my shot Tuesday. It’s time. Follow my lead as a MD.


Got mine on Wednesday.

Yes sir, got mine a few weeks ago, my wife got hers yesterday Also my wife and I are both caught up on COVID vac

Thanks for the reminder Doc. We got ours a couple of weeks ago.

Jean Ann and I got another round of Covid boosters AND flu shots. Sore arm for two days was only issue. I know I’m not bullet proof but I do think I’m ok to be out amongst the trout.


Flu shot Tuesday also. Then my Birmingham daughter wrote that her daughter had a bad case of flu. And when I warned my son that he needed a shot he texted back that he and his daughter had the flu. Just exploded in this region overnight.

Got mine 2 weeks ago. Unlike Covid shots (which I’m also caught up on), didn’t need to make an appointment at the Kroger Pharmacy…just walked up and they took care of me (after signing a couple of documents). No cost to me.

Good to hear about getting the Covid boosters. This new booster released Labor Day week is an improvement over the previous Covid vaccine and I’m getting mine next week…had to wait a few weeks after getting the 1st shingles shot. New booster is better against these newer variants and before anyone asks, I do think we will see yearly updated boosters as the vaccine makers try to keep up with the mutations of Covid.

Got flu shot about 3 weeks ago and the Covid booster last week. I don’t like getting sick

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After watching two folks I was close to suffer with shingles we got both shingles shots.

Totally. The flu shot is a no brainer.

When a family is fighting immune system issues and long hauling you get the immunizations. That box checked

Is it sacrilegious for a person, or family, to refuse to get a Covid shot but agree to get a flu shot? Sure seems so.

Took your advice and got my flu shot today. Urging rest of the family to do so too. However, no more C-19 shots.
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I’m 59 and have never had one, till this year. Got one about a month ago.

I actually planned to get one last year, but the day they were scheduled to come, something happened and they never did. I fully intend to go get one, just never did.

I got my flu shot and another COVID booster a couple of weeks ago. I know that neither will prevent all instances of the virus they target. I expect that if I catch one, it will be a lesser illness.


Not at all. Everybody has to do what’s right for themselves.

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Do we have any info on the efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine?

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I used to think that flu vaccines were hardly worth the trouble. But now I’m of the opinion that even if it is not totally effective, it still can lessen the severity of any exposure.

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there is not a vaccination that does not have a good purpose, not saying that the vaccine will always be helpful but the odds are that it will do it’s intended purpose. I have my covid and flu and will get a shingles for those mentioned in this thread. RSV is really tough on babies and is more than an uptick in numbers. This year the shot is quadrvalent and about the same efficacy as the last decade.

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