Pryor Center/KATV archives

I don’t know if this has been brought up on this board in the recent past, but this digitizing of old KATV news footage by the Pryor Center is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. I hope the link above works. If not just Google Pryor Center KATV. Think of any Arkansas news figure from late 50s to about 1980 and you’ll see clips. Tons of old Broyles and Holtz film. Lots of Bud Campbell. Pure greatness. Just run a search in the search box. Incredible for someone like me that grew up in LR in the 70s and 80s.

The first one I randomly clicked on had people I recognized at the Mt. Nebo Chicken Fry and interviews with Danny Rhodes before the USC game. It’s all a jumble, so you never know what you will find.

Great! Could watch some of that all night. Thanks for the link.

Also great to be watching some of that knowing that what was going on mattered in the whole football world. Now - well.

Thanks! Lot of links about the time I was roaming NW Arkansas in the 60s.

Thanks for sharing this, lot’s memories in these clips both sports and other .

When I was in grad school I produced two documentaries, one of which included a lot of this KATV archive. It was a painstakingly slow process just to get about 10-15 minutes of video digitized from the Pryor Center, so I have an appreciation for the process of converting 26,000 hours.

The KATV archive is just one of many resources at the Pryor Center. I think the center is a tremendous resource.

What is the Pryor Center and where is it located?


The Pryor Center is part of the University of Arkansas and located on the downtown square in Fayetteville. It is named for David and Barbara Pryor and its mission is to document Arkansas history through the preservation of video and audio recordings.

One way it does that is through collections like the KATV archive. The center also conducts lengthy interviews with subjects of interest in Arkansas, capturing their life stories in their own words.

For instance, this is the center’s page on Frank Broyles: