Proverbs 16:18

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” This may be more to the Alabama fan base than the team. Saban always seems to give the opponent due respect, but after a whole season of being called the GOAT (this season’s team, that is), keeping the team focused might have been a challenge even he His Magnificence could not meet. Is this the end, or just a bump in the road? The future will be worth watching, for certain. Clemson looks like a lock to be back in next years championship game. Can Bama regroup and show up again? Stay tuned.

One loss, even one like it had last night, isn’t going to hurt Bama’s overall program I don’t think. I imagine Bama’s players had to be a bit more complacent than Clemson’s. Bama had won something like 18 games going into last night’s (the loss to Auburn a year ago) & were defending NC. They weren’t challenged all year. Clemson’s last loss was a lopsided one to Bama & they had a couple of close calls in 2018.

Both programs are recruiting at the highest levels. I see no reason to expect either to fall much next year even though either of them could lose enough to be shut out of the playoffs. Still, I’d bet we’ll see both back next year.

You could say that this will refocus the Tide similar to what last year did for Clemson. Saban is not going to accept what went down last night and his defense will not lose so many to NFL this year. Not sure about the Oline but if they can reload then they will continue to roll in my opinion. Helps to think about who the coaches have been over the last three years that are not there now but are head coaches else where. Saban has lost three good ones and I am not including Lane Kiffen in the three.

I agree with comment on this site earlier that it is hard to win 15 games in a row in today’s game. Kudos to Clemson’s fine effort.

Living in an area packed with Tide fans…I can tell you for sure they are very, very prideful. And not in a good way.

I live around bumhorn fans. They are the same way.

I’m very sorry. They are peas in a pod…

I hope you didn’t

I live amungst the sooner fans. I know about the texicans and the bummers but I’m hard pressed to see how they can match these folks. The pod has 3 peas.

I don’t get the prideful thing. They’ve won and earned everything. It’s not like Ohio State and think they just belong because they are THE ohio state. Saban is ANYTHING but prideful. His whole coaching philosophy is practicing and working hard to do the absolute best you can be each time out. It’s not about the opponent - it’s about doing your best.

Agree on Saban but the fan base is different. Very…

The odds were still good both would make it as recently as Thanksgiving. If Bama had beaten Auburn, they’d have likely been the #4 team in the playoff.

It’s been a while since I was in Tusca-loser but I was there for the catch by JJ Meadors. The fans were very gracious in defeat and we were invited to tailgate by many. In contrast, a few games at Aubrun have been horrible experiences with their fans.