Proud to see....

So much support and encouragement from strangers for the Hogs the last couple of weeks. Since retiring a year ago I pretty much just wear Razorback gear wherever I go. Even to church at times. The past two weeks so many strangers have stopped to comment on the Hog baseball team. Living in Tennessee I get the occasional question about my Hog gear but the past two weeks it’s one person after another. All very encouraging and supportive of the Hogs.

This run in the CWS has done a lot for the Razorback brand.

Makes this old dude proud.

The run-up to and making the finals has to make a major bump
in our national image and will make a positive recruiting impact.

I love this team and they gave us a truly wonderful year.
Eventually, the pain of losing will lessen while the multiple great
plays and camaraderie will last throughout their lives.
Their names and faces are forever etched in my memory.