Proud to be an American

Worst part is the wasting of the beer.

Just don’t get these people not wearing a mask or keeping social distance. Are they defying science or making a political point? And all that while wearing a Flag.


Respectfully disagree

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I’ve seen better bar fights…

What a classy clientele!! I’ll make sure to get a reservation there next time in the Rock​:joy::joy::joy:


Get with it .


If this is the Saltgrass in Little Rock, I believe the Little Rock mayor has ruled on mandatory face masks inside public buildings. That would leave this the fault of the Saltgrass Steak House for letting them in.

If it’s actually the one in Sherwood (they look the same), then there is no ruling about masks.

Also, this is a Texas based steakhouse chain, so somehow, it’s also the fault of a Longhorn!


There is a Saltgrass at the Outlet Mall past Otter Creek. I think that is technically Little Rock.

Also Little Rock Mayor has mandated wearing a mask but Gov Hutchinson hasn’t. I believe Governor’s order overrides Mayor’s. So, depending on which side of the argument you are on, you can either require mask or not require and you are within the temporary order.

And because Rumble in The Rock was spontaneous, there was no opportunity to play the national anthem before the fireworks started. :wink:

Plenty of attorneys on here who can weigh in, but pretty sure whichever mandate is more restrictive trumps the lesser … provided it’s not ruled unconstitutional.

Yeah, I was going to post something similar. I believe you are correct. Now, if the Gov had a ruling on mandatory masks for the entire state, then I don’t believe the mayor of Little Rock could overrule that for his constituents in Little Rock.

Politics don’t have to be pulled into this every time, or
does it? I wish it could be avoided on this board but I
get sick of the snide way some on here loop it in to
almost any discussion. Maybe we need a red board and a blue board. I love red by the way. Razorbacks always and forever.
We wear a mask because we hope it encourages others to wear one. Obviously with an invisible enemy
that we know can be fatal, precaution behooves us all. I would hate to have to wear one for hours each day like some folks do.
I do find myself looking at some shoppers that don’t
wear one and wonder if they realize they are putting
me at risk, and thus my family, while I am trying in this small way to protect them. I usually turn and try to go in a different direction. I believe they are not thinking clearly or they are selfish and foolish.
Proud and blessed to be an American.
There are no perfect countries and no perfect people.
Not even close.


I agree… was happy to see the “fire a coach” post the other day, was a sense of normalcy on the board :rofl:

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The proclamation from the state actually says that local governments can’t have more restrictive rules than the state rules. The state has indicated they are not going to go to Court over the Little Rock and Fayetteville regulations. If either city tries to enforce the mask requirements and somebody wants to fight a fine/license suspension, etc., then the city is going to have a tough time in Court. I believe the Fayetteville city attorney told their counsel that their ordinance was probably illegal before they passed it.

Now of course any business can have a rule in place that says “no mask/no entry” and have violators removed.

Which is all that matters, the businesses control their clientele.

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There’s a Beverage here, man!

-The Dude


The primary benefit of an order from the city or the governor is that it provides cover for the business. A business can tell its customers, “we have no choice, the governor (or city council) made us do it.”


It really is a tempest in a teapot unless some city government type tries to fine customers or businesses for violating the ordinance. I doubt it will come to that, though I’m sure there have and will be times when people are told wear a mask or leave and don’t like it.

As a practical matter, restaurant customers are not required to have a mask on for most of their visit. Once you get a drink on the table the masks come off until you leave the table. So it’s really less of a pain when you go out to eat than it is if you have to wear a mask at the grocery or Lowes, for example.

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