Proud of this Team…

As a counter to another post, I will say to our team we are all proud of you. Sometimes in life, things don’t go your way. Hold your heads up and keep working. You had a great year, even though it didn’t end as we all wanted. Such is life.
I’m looking forward to seeing what coach DVH does with the talent coming back & coming in for next year. The departing players will be missed…Kopps shutdowns on the mound, Opitz domination behind the plate, Franklins manning center field, the list goes on & on.


We won the sec regular season by two games. We won the sec tournament championship. We were number one most of the season. We lost one series all year by two runs. I had hours of fun watching a group of young men give everything they had. At the end of the season, only one team will be truly happy. I am very proud of this team. Those people that are not , I just don’t understand.


I always miss the departing players. I grow personally fond of them as the year goes on. The last game is always sad to me. Especially when the last game is inevitably a loss—just as it will be a loss for everyone else but one in this tournament


I agree neastarkie. Watching Kopps walk off the field was emotional for me. We will miss the young men that are leaving.


good comments by all here. Sports are great at letting us embrace some fun outside of our daily lives. I had a lot of fun watching and tip my hat to the team and how they thrilled us this year and gave us a chance to share in their fun. Wish the departing players and returning players much future success.


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