Proud of this team

They could have folded like many fans I’m sure. But they fought and clawed and won. Congrats team. You earned it. Thank you Desi for doing what you do well.

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Ditto to that.


These type of games doesn’t do my heart any good. Very proud of our HOGS!!!

Sad to admit I folded, what a gutsy win!! GHG!

I’m very proud too. Welcome back, Desi! Go Hogs!

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I was so tense and nervous in the last couple minutes of the game, that when I jumped out of my chair at the end, I got a cramp in my leg. Yes, I know that’s pathetic, but I’m old and things like that just happen sometimes. I think I was playing harder in my chair than the Hogs did at the LSU game. :laughing:


What an abrupt turnaround. It looked like the SOS until late in the 1st half. Suddenly, we started playing defense and making shots. They cut the lead to 12 at the half. They were still in a deep hole but they continued their comeback and took the lead thanks to great hustle by Desi, Jalen, Devo, Justin and Moses. They played hard, tough and great, And they beat a good Auburn team and their their great freshman point guard. Double teams at half court made the point guard pass the ball and the other players could not execute their offense and that led them to miss shots and throw the ball away. Coach Muss put a double team on Cooper and that changed everything. That coaching decision may have saved our season. Another blowout loss would be hard to overcome. Instead, they held their lead and got a much needed win. Kudos to the players and the coaches.

It wasn’t just the double team, they also switched to a zone at the under 4 timeout in the 1st half. . . They weren’t in it all the time, but were giving them different looks down the floor every time.

In post game press conference, coach said he played one possession of zone.

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