proud of the team today.....

off the field adversity
tough opponent

great effort today
well played game especially on defense

nothing to hang their heads about

i thought the 3rd and 4th down calls were terrible and we would have gone to OT had they not been called.

still… great effort with not much to play for other than coach and each other.


No one is talking about the no call on that third down, the way Nance went down, sure looked like a Horse Collar to me, but Curles was the ref. We know how great a ref he is :roll:

it was a horse collar and you are correct about the refs

Agreed. I was proud of the attitude and effort of the players and coaches. Not much to play for or work for right now but they came out fighting and took a very good MSU team down to the wire.

Defense played their best SEC game of the year. The offense didn’t. Maybe it was play calling, maybe it was execution, but we just didn’t do enough to put the ball in the hands of our play makers. I wonder what happened to Will Gragg. And, why not more passes to the TE, particularly on short yardage when a play action pass is almost a sure 5 yards. The muffed punt and Allen’s fumble were key screw ups today. I don’t blame the punter. Nobody blocked the rusher and the snap was high, taking away a fraction of a second that he could have used. Allen was fighting for the first down. I liked that. But, he didn’t protect the ball. Simple as that. Take away those two plays and we walk away 5-6.