Proud of the team & I need to apologize

It’s my fault yesterday…had to work clinic & forgot to wear my lucky Hogs flag shirt. Every game I wore it this postseason, we won! It was dirty after Wednesday’s game & travel home, so couldn’t wear it to clinic yesterday. Forgot to wash it that night—dang it

All kidding aside, I’m so proud of these guys. They made me proud to wear my Razorback gear everywhere. They were scrappy & tough in all phases. What a defense! As others have stated, I doubt we ever see a better infield than this bunch. I think this team will inspire the next great generation of Omahog players!

Looking forward to the draft bc several of these guys made some coin this postseason. WPS!


Well said. We probably all looked forward to each game anticipating some fantastic defensive plays.
When you consider the rare high level of play from C, FB, SB, SS, TB, we just knew something akin to lightening was going to happen on the field. So many times, my wife or I would say, ‘can you believe that’. A confluence of greatness.

They had a really good season. Dave said they did not over achieve so his standards are high. That much I’m glad to hear.


Blew out Stanford and couldn’t hit a lick against our neighbor Ole Miss. Baseball.

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