Proud of the effort

These boys haven’t given up and played their asses off. Really can only point to a handful of bad plays. Harris is hurting us. Can’t believe he missed two free throws in crunch time. He’s didn’t wine a lot tonight but I’ve been really disappointed in his attitude. Love what Desi is bringing. He is really coming on and he’s a dog. Tonight i saw promise. Should’ve won the game. Not gonna blame the refs. it was there for the taking.

Really wish that Gabe and Dro would quit shooting form three. Not only do they miss but they miss bad enough and hard enough that it’s always a fast break the other way. Big time momentum change.

Gafford straight up brought it tonight. Joe was tough as nails, as was Sills.

I’m not going to get into the Mike debate. I just really, as a die hard fan, needed to see some improvement and it was there tonight.

Pulling hard for this team to finish 3-0 and go on a tourney run. I’ll never pull against the Hogs. Ever.

Mike had this team ready and playing at it’s highest level tonight. Coaches coach and players play. We need some more men, no doubt. But the IQ and the effort was stellar tonight.

I agree Chris. Nice post.

Spot on!

Love Sills. He is going to be a good 4-yr player.

Desi Sills plays hard on both ends and leaves everything on the floor. His shot looked much better tonight from 3 and he was 4/4 from the feee throw line.

Desi playing well as a starter, sometimes its a mind thing. Keep him in the starting lineup if he continues to play like that, he was huge tonight!

Bingo bango.

nice post. nice to see our guys play a good game.


We played nine guys last night and four of them were 0-15 with Harris leading the way at 0-9 in 30 minutes of play. I would like to see Mike shorten the bench. I don’t know if there is an option to relieve Harris from the point, but maybe Jones and Sills could man the position.

Great focus and good defense for most of the game… you knew that Cal was not going to let Joe beat him in the second half and we needed more help from the FT line. Maybe they can finish strong and salvage something.

Loved seeing us come in in a tenacious man to man and no press. Seems Mike is adapting and from his post game presser he’s not going away quietly.

Good, he will be a different coach with an edge and a mean streak.

The one thing I’ve felt he’s always lacked in


The message that I’ve preached to our youth league teams for years is there are two things you can control: your attitude and your effort. No one else controls those things. Coaches can obviously influence both to a certain degree, but the players are the ones who own the control.

Last nights effort was on a different level. No doubt. Either the name on the other jersey, the constant chatter about their beloved coach, or plain old self respect in your own game may have led to the elevation in effort. Whatever the reason(s), the players showed they can indeed play hard. Too bad that same effort wasn’t there in the previous 5-6 games.

I’m not going to revisit the CMA debate. I support him and I’ll support whoever the next coach is. Nor am I going to critique the individual skill sets (including the decision making) of individual players. Any player can only do what he can do. He can’t do what he can’t do. But EVERYONE, at EVERY level of athletics, can play hard. Always. Every time. Without exception. It’s one of the few things in their control.

If our effort from last night is duplicated the rest of the season, then the results will probably take care of itself. Will that be enough to turn the program into what we all want it to be? I don’t know. But without that kind of effort, it probably won’t matter who the coach is.

This is a great post. Thank you sir!

IMO the one thing I’ve always wanted Mike to do is adapt, embrace change. Up until last night he’s been pretty stubborn and stayed the course. Came out in man to man last night. Had them pumped the hell up and complained about the officiating. I think Mike is finally pissed off at all the chatter, none of us really know what it’s like to try to recruit to the UA. . I loved what i saw last night. He’s gonna fight because he loves the UA as much as any of us and has 25 years invested.

I’ve been on the fence, straddling firmly. Mostly sitting on keeping him but there’s been times where I’ve thought a change would be good. Heard someone on another Message board are bringing up banner shit again for this Saturday. If that happens i’ll pull my ass off for him to stay. If someone flies a Fire Mike banner you can guarantee that it will set us back big time.

Super proud of the effort by the team last night. Was worried that Cal’s adjustments in the second half would start to limit us and it did but we still had a shot. I honestly felt it was going to be a 20-30 point beating and I am glad they proved me wrong. Great effort for sure, just wish we had hit our FT’s and had a little more scoring to go with Joe from the outside. Thanks for the effort Hogs and fighting hard in major TV spotlight last night!